Create a Custom Newspaper in Photoshop

Saturday, March 16, 2019

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In this tutorial we’ll go over how to customize an existing newspaper to your preference.

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  1. Selena Gurney says:

    Can you make a tutorial on digital painting in Photoshop!!?

  2. David Philpott says:

    A wealth of knowledge there- thank you! *as I spend the next week learning from this 12 minute video

  3. Caroline Hooper says:

    wow – wish I had those skills!

  4. Matt Adkins says:

    Nice job man

  5. Roland Galvan says:

    what is this website called and were can i find it

  6. Geet VFX says:

    Awesome Sir Your Work Is Very Impressive

  7. Amir says:

    Can you make one for YouTube 🙂 ?

  8. Stycroft says:

    where do find newspaper image

  9. RAHMAT NOORI says:

    you have been doing a great work i have recently watch your tutorial and i love it it was so helpful thanks so much

  10. Dylan Powell says:

    I copied and rasterized the text just like you did, but when I tried to hit Control and then T, Photoshops said: "Could not transform because the initial bounding rectangle is empty."

    Please help me!

  11. stephen whoever says:

    Could you do things a little slower so a lot of beginners can follow lol

  12. Raghav Wadhwa says:

    Your channel is so underrated, man. Your work is so informative AND impressive. You deserve more views!

  13. Kavindu Kaushalya says:

    can you do more tutorials about "harry potter" please.

  14. Kincl says:

    Awesome man!!! Your work is very good 🙂 Easy and explanation

  15. marvona says:


  16. Lucid Playz says:

    Thanks For Uploading, I love All Your Tutorials and other videos, They've helped me soo much so

  17. Marcos Ronsano says:

    Woow, i use it 😍

  18. Nemanja Nenadic says:

    Cool! I wanered how have you done it!

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