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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

How to use a newsletter template from Microsoft Publisher to create content for your magazine.
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  1. Sung Chii says:

    I like your voice. Hahah

  2. Lecil Arboiz says:

    thank you😊 it really helped me for my magazine project😀😀

  3. Vipul Vyas says:

    Very helpful.. thanks

  4. Oketsang Tshabi Gabaitsiwe says:

    Thanks a lot for the video, so interesting.

  5. Shawn Carroll says:

    How can I set it so when users view my publication they turn the page like a magazine (page rolls down from corners)?

  6. drifter13 says:

    But whenever I change template in my 60 page magazine, I am left with just 4 pages. 4 pages is the default but can anyone tell me how to stop it from eating all my pages after changing template? I am stuck with an ugly template now.

  7. sanjay bhat says:

    How we make diploma certificate and grade card by puting our institution logo and what should be desired side for A4 size sheet please help or make an vidio

  8. Krishna Prasad says:

    Wow! I really liked it
    Thanks for this video

  9. Turtle Terror says:

    I thought this was basic knowledge, AND I'M STILL IN SCHOOL

  10. Jasmine Biguena says:

    Merci pour le partage ' mais comment effacer les pages inutiles je n'ai besoin que de 5 pages et il y en a 8 dans ma demo ? Merci me répondre si vous savez.

  11. markgil aguirre says:

    thanks Ma'am .. YESHUA bless you!!! =)

  12. Tilika Vispute says:

    Hey ! can we make newspaper wid da help of this software ? plz help !

  13. Tilika Vispute says:

    Thnk u so muchh !!! i was unable to find a software n came wid the idea of using publisher … ua video did help me coz i wanted to knw if it wud help me wid ma magazine… thnx a ton !!!!! 😀 😀 😀 thnx again !!!!

  14. Dorine Orighoye says:

    Thanks a lot, this is very helpful. I am at the verge of creating my own magazine, and the thought of all the cost involved almost discouraged me, but seeing I can do some of the work myself is reassuring. 

  15. Sharon Samson says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. sincerely do appreciate it. 🙂

  16. Jeyelle Elle says:

    Thank you! This is really helpful <3 I'm actually the layout editor of our school's newspaper and I admit I just know little =))))

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