Cristiano Ronaldo To Star In £100M Blockbuster?! | #VFN

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


#VFN with Joe & Dave this week features Ronaldo in a blockbuster movie! The ultimate rickrolling happened at Seattle Sounders & An Arsenal employee has had enough of Wenger! Let us know if you saw any weird football news this week!

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Head Coach PJ FLECK back in pads! He challenged the players to stop him, and if they did they would be rewarded with no evening meetings after an ELITE first week of Fall Training Camp.

You know you are gROWing h16her when you have 3 ELITE surprises in 1 practice…


  1. The Epic_ORANGE says:

    #VFNChallenge Play a game of FIFA vs eachother!!

  2. Alfie Rayner says:

    Shkodran Mustafi Moves to Arsenal #ArsenalTransfers2016-17

  3. Niklas Gutsch says:

    The Team is called Rasenball not Red Bull. It's not allowed to have a brand's name in the name of a football club in Germany.

  4. Tomwg01 says:

    like for ronaldo

  5. edups says:

    "how did they even get the Bulls head in the stadium"

    "in a bag"

  6. Numericcash says:

    its going to be called I dive for you

  7. Aivita Seikstule says:

    Not gonna pie when some1 says Messi is better than Ronaldo all the salty Real Madrid fans start attacking

  8. BeauZoLayer says:

    Shutup joe palace better than teams that buy leauge

  9. TaylanHD 2004 says:

    Joe looks like ashley

  10. UNKNOWN PERSON says:

    Ronaldo can't act so him going in a movie is bullshit

  11. Victor Grønborgbjerre says:

    Danish euro 1992 winner Lars elstrup has become a streaker

  12. John Gardner says:

    Lol AFl I'm fuckin Australian yeh

  13. Miles B-Gunderson says:

    fuck you burnley is not shit

  14. Nathan Ashurst says:

    yr awsome

  15. Peacefull Revolutionary says:

    This is by far the best show on you tube footie channels…..ok maybe a close second behind the true Geordie football hangover

  16. amber mazing says:

    R you guys Aussie

  17. Alfo & James says:

    My Morning Routine:
    Wake Up
    Pat my cat
    Grab my iPad
    Get onto YouTube
    Watch VFN

  18. Nathan Ashurst says:

    A penis really?!

  19. Nikolas DeSousa (NikolasRocks7) says:

    Man you guys are so funny!! Amazing vid keep up the good work

  20. David-Elia A.E says:

    3:20 Wtf is that

  21. Carson Gustafson says:

    what's the song when they come out first guy

  22. Bill M says:

    Gores is drunk!!

  23. Giorgio Ferro says:

    I am italian and I don't like you to send me that stuff!!!

  24. Zurrilla says:

    Fire up

  25. Gabrielle Stewart says:

    my brother just graduated from WMU… go broncos! Go Western Michigan!

  26. Hugo Oliveira says:


  27. dirk diggler says:

    i didn't know MC HAMMERED was gone be in the video

  28. King Panda says:

    so awesome !!

  29. DERRICK FOREAL says:

    I remember going to this campus many times growing up in Kalamazoo, MI…Go Broncos.

  30. Edmond Flocco says:


  31. Marley Montane says:

    that was awesome

  32. Chey All Day says:


  33. FS1 Assignment Desk says:

    Hi, this is FOX Sports. We'd like to use this video for broadcast TV for the Herd with Colin Cowherd. Can we have permission to use with courtesy to GhostBronco? Please email us at with any questions.

  34. BizarroNobody says:

    Kalamazoo in the house!

  35. Invader Vim says:


  36. Kuechleezy says:

    Is this the dude who runs Tiger Fitness lmfao? Listen to their voice similarity

  37. Steve Stewart says:


  38. Not .Enough says:

    I want to kill myself after watching this

  39. TheSLurppp says:

    Who.cares. I want that whole 3:46 and plus some more of my life back.

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