Current Events January 19, 2018

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Thoughts On Current Events and Vlogmas Day 2

Sorry for the length of this video… I just wanted to say some stuff on my mind, but happy day 2 of vlogmas. Hope you are happy and wonderful and full of fruit roll ups and stuff.


  1. Darian Black says:

    jenna you inspire me everyday to be a better person
    i adore the fact that your so full of love and wanting to spread love as much as possible

  2. Kenz says:


  3. starrlite921 says:

    Hey, Julien said he didn’t have khakis ??

  4. Live Andletlive says:

    I would still phuk this Tweeker gurl

  5. Kim saltos says:

    I live two miles away from the shooting

  6. MnB311 says:

    I have weirdly big pupils too, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one lol

  7. jessica stevie says:

    jenna i need u to know that when i first started watching you when i was in middle school you my escape from what would be diagnosed as ocd. i kept obsessing on the word suicide and it made me think i wanted to but at the same time i knew i didnt want that but when i watched you  instead of tears from crying i had tears rolling down my face from laughter
    thats why you are my forever queen and I'm forever grateful to you

  8. OhHaiMark says:

    For anyone suffering, putting rosewater on a cotton ball and rubbing it on your face like a toner gets rid of turmeric

  9. Venus Camacho says:

    hooker moon

  10. Jillian Buitre says:

    I miss Julien's old hair

  11. Kenny Vision says:

    I caught someone breaking into my house (a life threatening situation). And you are correct, the only thing you can logically do is try to move on from those thoughts/fears even tho it's kinda hard to forget about. Can't let that bullshit dictate your life

  12. CrouchinBunny says:

    K-pop <3

  13. Aidee Chavez says:

    "I usually s h o o t, edit, and upload…"

  14. mintie says:

    Why is jennas eyes so big??

  15. apatchy horuko says:

    Is his mom still alive omfg otl?? ;;w;; <33

  16. Karlene Sumner says:

    What the F is ur handler giving you.!?!!?!!! Ur pupils are HUGE. Way to push the agenda Jenna……

  17. Keishly Vega says:

    Well said Jenna!

  18. Katelyn Bushart says:

    honey, I'm 15 don't feel guilty
    we still love you and Julien

  19. Op Mister says:

    is it just me or are her pupils huuuuge?

  20. echo star says:

    Jenna I know you don't smoke weed…
    but your eyes say different lol

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