Darlie Routier – True Crime Scene: Family Secrets

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

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Article from World Psychiatry:

“Spouse revenge filicide is difficult to prevent, because there is usually little warning. This behavior most often occurs after learning of spousal infidelity or in the course of child custody disputes.”

Psychiatry MMC

Altruistic filicide:
The parent kills the child because it is perceived to be in the best interest of the child.

*Acts associated with parental suicidal ideation—The parent may believe that the world is too cruel to leave the child behind after his or her death.

*Acts meant to relieve the suffering of the child—The child has a disability, either real or imagined, that the parent finds intolerable.

Acutely psychotic filicide
The parent, responding to psychosis, kills the child with no other rational motive. This category may also include incidents that occur secondary to automatisms related to seizures or activities taking place in a post-ictal state.

Unwanted child filicide
The parent kills the child, who is regarded as a hindrance. This category also includes parents who benefit from the death of the child in some way (e.g., inheriting insurance money, marrying a partner who does not want step-children).

Accidental filicide
The parent unintentionally kills the child as a result of abuse. This category includes the rarely occurring Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

Spouse revenge filicide
The parent kills the child as a means of exacting revenge upon the spouse, perhaps secondary to infidelity or abandonment.


  1. Jo Douglas says:

    why do they grant a retrial for some criminals and not others,  I have seen a new trial granted on the basis that the police or prosecution withheld evidence that may have changed the outcome of the trial.  The police had Darins statement on the 8th of june.  They knew he lied about the table being on top of Devon, they didn't ask him what he watched on the news that night, they didn't check to see if he got in or out through the balcony in the masterbedroom, they didn't check out all the lies about what he was wearing when he came down stairs.  The police allowed Darin to go publically and call officer Waddel a liar,  He even went as far as to say that Waddel may have allowed the intruder to walk right past him, because Darns claims he never left the house before police arrived.  How is it that Darin neighbor not only saw Darin outside before any police or medics arrived, but they heard him yelling someone stabbed my wife and kids, Darin claimed the reason he didn't try to help Darlie was because he didn't know she was hurt.  Officer Waddell and the neighbor are both lying and Darins other lies are just a figment of our imaginagions.  What the hell is really going on here.  Why isn't Darin in the police station having to explain all his lies.

  2. Eye on art says:

    why in the the world is someone on death row 20 years? I believe they will commute her sentence to life. the appeal system takes over 20 yrs. what a judicial joke.

  3. Marion H says:

    Those poor little darlings,how they must have suffered.

  4. sarah Thornley Segy says:

    Silly string!!!! Heard it all now guilty as charged bitch

  5. Abby t says:

    Omg what a creepy bitch! And I thought the husband was creepy for talking about his wife's boobs instead of his dead kids. That screen fibre on the knife…she did it! Wow…none of the blood splatter evidence fits. The intruder didn't exist. OMG she killed her kids!!

  6. Dorsey Barnes says:

    The point is, he wasn't in his right mind. People who are seeking blood sacrifices will arbitrarily kill, giving the appearance of no motivation for the murder. He might be new at murdering. He might not have developed an M O or a homicidal signature yet. Being a novice, he probably in a panic,left the knife behind. He doesn't seem very organized. If the police 'accidently' left a boot print in blood, what else did they

  7. Jo Douglas says:

    I do not believe Darlie did this, i believe Darin and his employee and her family were involved.  i think that night when Darlie told Darin she wanted to separate he simplyn snapped.  i think the crime scene was so confusing because Darin didn't plan for that type of crime i think he just snapped and then later tried to cover it by changing the crime scene.  When you go through the transcripts you can see all the contridictions in the statements of the police and Darins story.  The neighbors knew he was outside before police were called and the police covered that up.  They didn't even bring those witnesses to court.  Darlies defence didn't argue any of the facts.  They didn't even bother to try and bring reasonable doubt to her defence.  Pointing out Darins accounts of what happened would have gotten Darlie enough reasonable doubt but they all chose to stay silent.  They focused only on Darlie and nobody else.  in the meantime Darin was all over the crime scene washing off the evidence and doing what ever with what ever evidence he wanted to.  he has lied over and over about every statement he has ever given to police or the media.  there is not one interview where Darin has told the same story twice.  Darlie was just too stupid to realize he was involved.

  8. Cheryl Lane says:

    This is not even close to being accurate. Discovery channel did not have there facts straight on this one. Even the crime writer that sat through the trial thought she was guilty until she continued to investigate the story for her book and realized that they convicted the wrong person. A few juriors came forward and said that if they would have seen the evidence that the prosecutor had withheld from them, they would have never convited her. I can see why people would think she did this based on this documentary. The prosecutor in this case was running for a higher office and he railroaded this gal to win votes. The cut on her neck was 1 mm away from killing her. Her injuries were not self inflicted.

  9. AF3NI says:

    she is a psychopath the way she talks gtfo

  10. Charlene Patterson says:

    she is a lying Bitch

  11. Karen Hawkins says:

    Hiho Remy, show us the facts….not you'r opinion.

  12. Karen Hawkins says:

    darlie is innocent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Darin was planning a robbery for that same night. He was running around outside hiding his crap. He wanted to eliminate his entire family and has gotten away with murder. There's not one piece of evidense proving darlie did this. She was on the phone with the police the entire time. To many morons with miss guided opinions played a major role in justice.

  13. F. Moussa says:

    Why would she pick up the knife. Thats insane. She see how her kids get butchered and she walks towards the knife and pick it up and lay it somewhere else??

  14. SuperRowdyone says:

    I can't wait till this whore fries.

  15. F. Moussa says:

    The killer made sure the boys are dead. How comes she survived with compared to the boys minor wounds. The knife was one of the knives of the Routier family. Why would a thief or killer use a knife from there home and not bring his own weapon with him. This are very important circumstances.

  16. lynnej22 says:

    sure theyd be strepping in blood and making extra prints,,wow talk about shoddy police work,,,how bout not letting no one contaminate it..

  17. lynnej22 says:

    why didnt they get a sniffer dog…bad police work….

  18. lynnej22 says:

    her underpants were taken and thats never mentioned….

  19. Heather Howell says:

    Omg where is the end??!! I've never seen this one before, very good..helps to have the events recreated so you have a better understanding of what happened. Never ever before knew that they did the butcher paper thing–strong evidence against her!! And I really LOL at the Darin character..boy did they get him pegged!! I would really love to see the end though. Thanks for posting!!

  20. lynnej22 says:

    also darrin and darlie had a fight on the night of the 5th darlie asked for a marital separation,,…http://fordarlieroutier.org/Evidence/index.html but then we have an affidavid of a person seeing a 2men at 2am in the monring,,,http://fordarlieroutier.org/Evidence/WritAffidavits/potter.html omg if this is true and i dotn see why a stranger would make up a lie,,one bare foot,,if these guys exist and were not a part of it why didnt they come forward..hmm this case gets weirder by the moment,and darrin admits he wanted the house burgled and asked a person 5 days before using the word HIT,,not burgle..and that 9/11 call sounds like she is freaking right out,doesnt sound like any act to me. exactly how you would be if freaked out and didnt know what was going on.

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