David Nelson on Turkey economy after coup attempt

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

For more on how these latest developments could affect Turkey’s economy, CCTV America’s Rachelle Akuffo spoke to David Nelson, Chief Strategist at Belpointe.
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UPDATE July 2016: We have a sequel to this video! Find out about Corporate Japan! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuZm5PpjJ3c

How did Japan industrialize so quickly in the 20th century? Why did the country experience a “lost decade” in recent times? Find out in Art and Finance’s first-ever vlog post! (Thanks for your patience regarding the quality, I have a budget of zero right now!)

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Mack Agbayani
Regina Tan


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  1. wwwlovekeysorg says:

    too loud background music and all that food filming made listining to the interesting economic history facts too hard for me!

  2. Brandon Roveta says:

    japan is so fucked

  3. Tom Jiang says:


  4. Pathikrit Ghosh says:

    that was very well explained! thank you very much for it.

  5. Ryan N says:

    Oh god was the shrimp still moving?!

  6. Charlie Kong says:

    Just came back from Tokyo. Wanted to buy some luxury products in Ginza. Came back so disappointed. No meaningful items there. Ended up going to HK instead. Sigh. Japan, while an advanced economy, is the end of its economic development. Now its just a slowly dying and aging island.

  7. KKmm HHnn says:

    The music is not suitable

  8. Andrew Railton says:

    thank you for a very entertaining and highly informative video. I have visited japan. It is a beautiful country with beautiful people. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, and eagerly await my next visit. As for future economic outlook. Sadly, i feel the currency wars are rageing again, and the policies of central banks of the world, including the BOJ, along wit the ECB, the PBC and the FED will mean a long deflationary period sill ahead. For all the world. But, we wait and see.

  9. watan alarabi says:

    In my opinion, to which many of my friends in their 20s or 30s agree, is that the unsustainability of our economy stems from our politicians or business leaders' state of mind.They're still hanging on to our economic success back in the 1960s: Export based industrial growth lead by major corporations backed by government. And, they still believe that we can revive that method in 2010s (especially our current govt)!!If we do not realise how out of date we are, our education system, employment system, our individual work style/lifestyle will forever be stuck in the JFK age, much like China and Korea. We must find a way to become a mature developed economy.

  10. Tippersnore says:

    Tokyo is not really indicative of "Japan" as it is only about 35% of its GDP, and it is the only area of Japan that is growing in population. The countryside far from Kanto is in dire straits losing populations, financing the elderly, suffering falling real estate prices and closing factories, etc.. Tokyo continues to rock on with very few vacant storefronts or plots and high-rise condos going up at a rate of about 10 per month.

  11. jim parsit says:

    annoying music, to bad, interesting issue.

  12. Jack McJongjing says:

    What's the source for the jazz?

  13. Mark Dueri says:

    Nice video.

  14. Kilhee Kwak says:

    This is great work! Made me hungry though 🙂

  15. Art and Finance says:

    Our first vlog post. Enjoy!!

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