Deadly Texas Bus Crash Is An Example Of Why Texting And Driving Is Dangerous

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Thirteen people were killed when a Texas church bus carrying senior citizens crashed head-on with another vehicle.

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AT&T’s “Txtng & Drving — It Can Wait” campaign urges cell phone users to drive safely by holding off on text messages. At AT&T Business Solutions, we understand that people of all ages and positions in life — from high school students to senior executives — often use texting, mobile email, and other messaging to stay in touch. Please just don’t do so while driving.

We extend our sincerest gratitude to the brave individuals that shared their stories of how texting and driving changed their lives for this documentary. We would also like to thank the organizations that have helped us educate people about the dangers of texting while driving:
CTIA — The Wireless Association –
National Safety Council –
National Organizations for Youth Safety –
… and many more


  1. Frank Ernesto says:

    I hope they thought to check for drugs and alcohol, and didn't take the drivers word for texting.

  2. MrMJmusicLover says:

    He should get 13 Years in prison. One year for every victim he killed.

  3. Achote671 says:

    F A C K I N G T E X T I N G my iPhone stays at home muther fuckers that muther fucker responsible for the 13 lives is only one of what…millions of fuckers that do the same fuck you too

  4. Shadow_ Asassin!! says:


  5. Ab Alb says:

    Stupid people still text and drive just ignorant. #stoptextinganddriving

  6. Chris Small says:

    I. will. never. text. and. drive. again. I am still almost in tears after seeing that poor girl fighting for her life because it reminded me of my daughter. I swear to god I will stop today.

  7. Claire Nelson says:

    This is so sad.  I NEVER will ever text and drive.  No thank you, I'll pass.  Has anyone of you ever been in an accident, it doesn't have to be phone related.  I know my mom got in an accident when she was younger and her sister was behind the wheel.  Anybody?

  8. KitKat Cassie says:

    I just want to talk to the police officer and thank him for all he has gone through and just pray that things would look up in the world. A TEXT CAN WAIT!!!!!

  9. Haley Lents says:


  10. HarryPotter87 says:

    Heartbreaking ??

  11. playa made mexican says:

    made me cry dude I wish people would lesson.???

  12. Pro God Pro life Pro Gun says:

    This is sad but I have a hard time feeling bad for these people. They took their eyes off the road. Seems common sence that that is something you don't do. It like scaring a person with a gun and expecting not to get shot.

  13. justice perry says:

    Aww dang that's sad ?✊??

  14. Nikki Myles says:

    all of that is so sad

  15. Matt Tachuk says:

    Dear Apple,
    Why don't you have a "Driving Mode" that prevents texting from your phone… and sends a response to anyone that sends you a text that says "I'm driving"…  Similar to Airplane mode, but just restricting texts…

  16. SEAN HAHN says:


  17. piebaldbully says:

    heart breaking

  18. MrSixFive says:

    @dervari – This is just an 'assumption' but I'd say the reason why is because the bicyclist was doing something illegal as well…bicycling down the bike path in the wrong direction..meaning, he was biking in the direction of oncoming traffic, and not with the flow of traffic. if so, then this would help to indicate the less then expected jail time of the driver who was texting. this would be very similar to the football player who hit killed a jaywalker while drunk…

  19. dervari says:

    The guy who killed the bicyclist only spend spring break in jail and got probation? What a travesty of justice.

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