Dealing With Bull**** Fitness Articles & “Must Do” Exercises

Thursday, July 27, 2017

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  1. damien francis says:

    My personal mantra….. If people weren't doing it 40 years ago, neither am I.

  2. John Nycto says:

    They have to sell magazines and get clicks. Too bad many people are gullible.

  3. Auld Git Gym Survival Techniques says:

    I blame those instagram gals for some of the batshit crazy things Ive seen ladies at our gym attempting over the last year or so!!!
    You wouldn't see some of it at a Cirque Du Soleil show!

  4. ibtihaj Ar says:

    l always stick to the basics and progressive resonable amounts of weights. the rest of the time i do mobility of the body part i ve worked out with some stretching to relax at the end.

  5. Chris The Vigilante! says:

    These articles definitely confuse people. All you end up doing is going right back to the basics anyway

  6. Eric Gibson says:

    Personally, I advocate working a body part twice a week, 5 sets per days trained, with reps between 8-15 depending on the body part.

  7. Robert G says:

    Steve, if doing full body 3 x a week, doing both weighted chins/pullup & rows each day , does curls fit in the 'fluff' category?

  8. Robert G says:

    Steve, you are right on. We need less fluff & more tough…

  9. Christian Langfield says:

    Good advice. Personally I like to do 3 or 4 strength/muscle building workouts per week with the compound exercise priority you advocate in this video, and on the days in between I do some mobility, core and prehab type work (e.g. for strengthening the rotator cuffs to prevent shoulder injury). Then at the weekend I get out into nature and go hiking. So yes, stick to the basics for strength work but on the rest days I think it's good to try other stuff to round out your health and fitness.

  10. Lee Greenway says:

    The most important piece of advice I follow is …… keep it simple.

    No need to over complicate lifting weights and the big compounds should always be your priority.

  11. Ben White says:

    Hey Steve, How's the hamstring?

  12. Eaglez Motivation says:

    Subscribe to Our Second Channel Here Guys <3

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