Death penalty in America

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Over 14,000 people have been executed in the U.S. since 1800.
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  1. Imariyanna Williams says:

    Death penalty was a good invention

  2. Alvin Carrier says:

    The US has executed just 20 convicts this year as of October.  The US normally sees well over 15,000 murders per year.  In other words, the killer (caught or not) is over 99% likely to evade the death penalty.  How can a penalty be expected to work when the criminal is almost guaranteed to avoid it?  Imagine having a tough penalty for rape, and then giving that tough penalty to a just a few rapists, then saying "See, this proves the tough penalty doesn't work."  Abolitionists take advantage of the fact that the murder victim won't be around to make anyone feel guilty.  Then the squeaky wheel gets the grease: the murder convict can beg for his life, the victim (past or future) can't.  For each execution in the US, there are dozens of child murders.  And abolitionists think they're doing the right thing be keeping it that way.

  3. Jenny Titus says:

    Why don't they bring back the guillotine? What would be necessary to get that re-instated?

  4. Keegan Smetanko says:

    Really legal injection really

  5. Senada Pasic says:

    God allows capital punishment under certain circumstances only .
    This is God's law which will prevent most murders.
    For murder: you have to witness the crime – one guy got the chair because he was in the same area as the victim that day and apparently had a motive . To the cops , normal human arguments are motives.
    The accussed cannot be unstable in any way .
    Mercy must be an option . Blood money must also be another option . These two are very important. This is clear.

    There is also a pretty strong argument for one who repents.
    This is God's law . Eye for an eye is not isolated, you must have the option of mercy or bloodmoney.
    Break his law and put someone on the chair , you're going to burn in hell , all of you.
    There's more . If your society breeds crime because you allow alcohol,racism,sexism, poverty, guns and fornication, you can't punish anyone . You can lock them up and rehabilitate them because no one can stay good in such a society.
    God is full of mercy . We are all vulnerable to the devil if we don't hold strong to his guidance . Only the Quran has all the guidance for all time for all people . " Forgive each other for your human faults" he says.
    You may feel strong with your democracy but it is cruel and void of many needed mercies like all systems that are not from God.
    The hellfire is real so fight to burn the chair so you don't burn later .
    Most on the chair are depressed, victims of racism and poverty for years. Most never had loving parents or people who helped .

  6. Κωνστάντιος Νικολουδάκης says:

    It is not the death penalty for the unhesitating killers that will make
    us less civilized! Death penalty to unhesitating murderers means, not
    such condemnation to anyone else and for no other reason.

  7. Emma l says:

    I feel sorry for them… they shouldn't kill them juts put them in prison for life it's pretty easy

  8. D Sonoma says:

    The following thought causes me to be against the death penalty.

    The condemn orders a last meal steak. In bringing this to him. The guard accidently drops food in garbage. Other guard says, No problem, for germs wont have time to do damage.
    This eerie thought is tooooo much.

  9. SwiizYT says:

    This what TayK gettin

  10. TEO so Brazy says:

    Free tay k 47

  11. Rogue Perfumer says:

    Death penalty should be legal in Hawaii!!! As I know of a few people there that should be on the list!!!!!!! Lying treason/traitors!!!!!!!

  12. Bandmantrouble says:

    They don’t want people to kill but they can kill if they want I hope isis bombed all you motherfuckers

  13. iamquay xo says:

    i don't get this , so they just lay in that bed thing & then what ?

  14. Sergio Leza says:

    If you kill a family,person or child you should die there's no reason for you to be crying in the end after all you didn't care if they cried or scream so we shouldn't give two shits about a murder that's life take a life get life taken away

  15. Loso Banks says:

    I don't see ? getting the death penalty when they killing my black people everyday for no reason

  16. darkashtar says:

    I don't know if I believe in the death penalty or not, but I do believe judges that use it as a sentence and the prosecutors who seek it should also be made to witness it in person. I believe it should it be required for them to wintess the executions. I'm not saying the death penalty is wrong, but I am saying if you are fighting for someone to be executed and you believe a person has to be held accountable for their actions then so does the court have the responsibility to see it's own actions play out. That is true justice. If a prosecutor is willing to argue a human should be executed but is unwilling to watch that same human be executed they cannot stand beside their convictions.

  17. Daddy, Bitch, Holy Asshole says:

    "legal injection" I guess it is legal

  18. Lieutenant Prick says:

    Instead of giving millions to countries that hate us, we should be funding medical research to find the mutation in DNA or the brain that allows people to think murder, rape, and torture is ok and commit it without thinking about it. We should then euthanize all babies born with the mutation. You people want safer societies, this is where we start.

  19. Theeyes Theears says:

    sex trafficking should get the death penalty especially on kids racial hate crimes murder for an unjustified way

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