Delivery Truck Accidents

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Each day, U.S roadways are traveled by passenger vehicles, patrol cars, emergency vehicles, and delivery trucks, all heading to various destinations across cities and states. Given the sheer number of automobiles on the road, accidents are very common and may range from simple fender-benders to serious injury accidents.

Accidents that involve delivery trucks may carry significantly higher risks of injury due to the typically larger size of vehicles involved. Delivery trucks often have more powerful engines and are of a higher weight-class than passenger vehicles like cars and light trucks. In addition, delivery trucks are often burdened by merchandise or items destined for another location, which often requires a greater breaking distance and additional room to maneuver.

If the delivery vehicle is attached to a trailer, the risk to others on the roadway greatly increases. There have been many recorded accidents involving delivery vehicles that involved the attached trailer tipping over, flipping, or obstructing a highway after a collision. In any event, a vehicle used for the transport of goods can be very destructive in the event of a collision.

If an accident is the fault of reckless or negligent behavior on the part of the delivery driver, other individuals involved in the accident may be eligible for compensation for medical bills, pain, suffering, lost wages, and punitive damages. It is important for drivers of vehicles used for commerce to operate their vehicles with the utmost care and awareness of others on the road.

There have been many cases of injury due to the recklessness of drivers of large delivery vehicles, but there have also been documented cases of persons being hurt in collisions with smaller cars and trucks, including mail vehicles, transport vans, and pizza delivery vehicles. As with other collisions, if the delivery driver is behaving in a reckless manner and is involved in a collision with someone else, he or she may be held liable for the damages.

Specific cases have involved pizza delivery drivers colliding with other vehicles or pedestrians on neighborhood streets. The demands of the job often require drivers to run their product to the customer on a strict time limit. These pressures may result in faster speeds and reckless maneuvers on the road to get the product to the customer on time. In any event, delivery drivers of any type of vehicle should be aware of the need for caution and responsible driving.

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Joseph Devine

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