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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Maybe German articles – der, die and das – aren’t that hard after all. You might believe that there’s no rhyme or reason behind the way articles pair with their nouns, but that’s far from the truth. There’s often a clue to the gender in the suffix of the noun you’re saying. Check out the video for more!

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Learn German lessons online for beginners course – We help you learn german in a quick and easy way. Learn German Grammar – You will learn how to tell the articles i.e. rules for the articles (der, die, das) in the German language. Awesome hints on how to guess the articles.

It is highly recommended to listen and learn the articles and their rules as it is. You can always pause and replay to hear something again.

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  1. Babbel says:

    Did you just learn something new? Find out 4 more spellbinding tips to learn German here:

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    What about words ending in "schaft" with an umlaut on the 'a'

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    The most German looking person ever to live.

  8. Cactuscobbler says:

    Die Frenfschaft.

    Thank you about the tip on Neuter nouns. Never knew it was only 20%.

    Also. for anyone having trouble with this, I suggest the app "der die das." It's a great Tiny Cards-esque gamified learning app that helps you learn the articles of random German nouns. I love it so far. It gives tips just like this video did so that helps too.

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  15. Jack Kinsella says:

    There's a free app that drills these rules until the cows come home – which is what you want, considering how central genders are to German Grammar.

  16. Dann Barrett says:

    Great videos! How you manage to pack so much information through well varied examples that allow us to figure out other things on our own.

    The only suggestion I have and I know you wont remake the videos, is to not have the whitespace with the subtitles and instead just have the floating texted and colored translation as is. The white takes up a lot of the screen and the teacher speaks with her hands which you cannot see clearly. Also YouTube provides automatic captions now.

    Great Uploads! Understandable Teacher! 10/10

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    It's funny to think about people with English as their mother tongue, they can't even understand why there are objects with gender. Like, do you know that this is a thing in almost every language except English? As well as cases.. Your language is just easy!

  25. Irene Merino says:

    Great explanation, but masculine/feminine professions? sexist af

  26. Solomon God’s power says:

    I don’t like the rules in gamer gender identification in article,, it’s far far different from English , they should have make this simple rules like DER for (men)and DIE for objects and DAS for female what I mean by this is that there should have no men object or female the DER and DAS would have be used only for people not objects. Even some gamer dose not know the article to some objects and the can’t explain better to you. I know anyway with time I will get use to it.

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    I hate how I have to learn what genitals a lamp has.

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