Discovery Channel – Global Warming, What You Need To Know, with Tom Brokaw

Monday, January 2, 2017

Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans since the late 19th century and its projected continuation.

How Global Warming Made Hurricane Sandy Worse

Last Time Carbon Dioxide Levels Were This High: 15 Million Years Ago, Scientists Report

Global warming has stopped?


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  1. Matt Shemshedini says:

    Problem: Overpopulation
    Solution: Have a temporary global warming kill off billions until there are many less people to pollute, thus stabilizing the population and eventually reverting back to regular weather patterns. It is the perfect solution

  2. Eärendil theBright says:

    In our arrogance we shall deny, the word around us beginning to fry

  3. Louis Barbisan says:

    Tom Brokaw.
    It's a global change and nothing else, the Earth have and always will change, and us the human's and animals will have to change and get used to accordingly.
    You must look at both ways of the picture. and stop scaring peoples that don't know any better.

  4. Reality Versus Fiction says:

    Its interesting how everyone discussing climate change and more especially the scientific realm, continue to focus the worlds attention almost entirely on Co2 and Carbon levels and other GHG"s; while failing entirely to use the term hydrocarbons and discuss their neurological, and carcinogen pandemic effects upon humans and rest of the living flora and fauna of our planet, along with their contribution in polluting and coating the ice caps and glaciers with heat absorbing black particles (Set alight some oil or plastic which is solidified oil and observe what I mean.

    Or better still access videos of the burning oil wells in the Gulf War, which was never blamed as it should have been for causing post Gulf War Syndrome in soldiers, the same neurological symptoms and physical effects that can be seen in glue sniffing addicts.

    Millions of tons of burnt aviation fuel is pouring down upon us each day, while down below (Especially and currently Beijing in China) we walk around in a sea of diesel, petroleum, and coal fume pollution.

    And it is indeed ironic! That if we visit a train station (More especially those with roofs) we see no smoking signs every where, as we stand on the platforms and are forced to smell the stink, and suck in more toxic diesel fumes from the trains, than an average smoker would suck in from smoking over an entire decade or more.

    And it would be laughable if not so serious, a mother will chastise a smoker for smoking within a couple of metres of her toddler, who also just happens to be standing less than a metre from a car exhaust, that is belching out masses of far more deadly petroleum fumes.

    And now with the election of Donald Trump and his Fossil Fuel Magnate Mates, it is only going to get a damn sight worse.

  5. Christofff says:

    Global warming isn't real

  6. Reality Versus Fiction says:

    Given all the hot air that is being expressed here and world wide, by ignorant closed minded climate change skeptics (DUNCES); we can expect Co2 levels and global warming to increase accordingly, until they are forced to tread and swallow salt water, which will finally shut them up.

  7. Robert Beauville says:

    Climate change is 100% natural. Climate change is 100% normal, has been happening for millions of years, and not caused by humans. There is no direct connection between global average temperature and CO2. CO2 is 100% natural, not created by humans. Carbon is not a palutant; it is thebasis for all life on the planet. There has been no warming of the climate for the pastr 18 years. There is no "sea rise". Melting ice gets replaced by new snowfall. END THE HOLLYWOOD MEDIA DOOMSDAY BS!

  8. MagicN9ne says:

    They first said it was 'global warming' then when spots on the planet started to cool, they changed the term to 'climate change' so Co2 is supposes to be responsible for the cooling and the warming of the planet?

  9. MagicN9ne says:

    Well they're spraying those Damn chem trails in the skies across the globe especially in NATO countries, all that aluminum, barium, strontium etc is probably having something to do with some of the warming, they were spraying heavily every week especially in October and November of this year, and those just happened to be unusually warm and mild months, I was wearing my t shirt for a couple days because it was that warm, then all of the sudden the cold weather and cold winds kicked in in Early December late November, point being all that aluminun-among other contaminants-are being sprayed all across our skies

  10. ratcatcherman says:

    Why are these videos so damn quiet? Crank up the volume!!

  11. David Hume says:

    What a load of bollocks, ok 'sheeple', give us your carbon taxes

  12. pas9ify says:

    The only thing worse than what we are doing to the atmosphere with CO2 and CH4 is what we are doing with fertilizers worldwide. You can see this in the algae blooms.

  13. Koka Fizix says:

    global warming i had to come to a video to write this ahem okay here goes so in my opinion this planet is pre fucking cold regardless nowadays who wouldn't want a warm winter. scientists say it may take 5000 years for the ice caps to melt and the arctic and Antarctic to be a walk able landmass. so who really cares i say burn the gases cuz 5000 years for warmer winters is a bloody long time

  14. Dangerous RC productions says:

    33.20 I'm ok then

  15. badvagirl says:

    DANG, it's frikkin cold out……when the hell is the global warming gonna kick in???  it's been like 60 years now…….

  16. Matt Stalwart says:

    This is just absolute crap. The earth can warm more and still be a good place for us to live. IT was in the past. So we'll have to adjust. Too bad. It's part of life. People just don't want to adjust, whether it's a slow or hastened adjustment. Is anybody taking steps to adjust to "natural" climate change? No. So don't preach about slowing down "man made" global warming so that we can adjust to "natural" global warming.

  17. Stacie45 says:

    New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Miami all underwater?? Cool! That is where the left-wing leeches are all concentrated, we can drown 'em all at once. That will keep 'em out of my wallet!!

  18. D F910 says:

    Over 32,000 scientists- (9,000 with PhD's) signed a petition that states global warming as a man made consequence is not possible. If a scientific theory is not able to be reproduced and proven by other scientists- in the SCIENTIFIC community – it means it isn't true and it's not a FACT. Calm down Libtards. Things will be fine.

  19. Paul D says:

    Dec 11 2016 cold as fuck right now. They have to kill polar bears because of there numbers. They are thriving. Glaciers are growing.

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