Disney Cruises Are Disappointing | Absurd Published Article with Pictures

Monday, August 19, 2019

Someone decided to publish an article all about how Disney Cruise Line lies about the quality of vacation you will have on the Disney Dream, the Disney Fantasy, the Disney Wonder, and the Disney Magic. In this video we will walk through the article together to show just how absurd it is. #DisneyCruisers #DisneyCruisersForLife #DisneyCruise

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  1. Kathryn Gordon says:

    I support people reading this and not going. Thins the crowds, and means I get to share the space with fewer dumb people. I mean if you buy this shit? Ya dumb.
    Thank you for tacking this twit to task.

  2. adisiowy says:

    Don’t you have bigger problems in your life…? (Yeah, go ahead, delete another comment that u don’t like). You are weird. Taking such seriously some stupid article…?

  3. Sandra Knight says:

    Your the best girl. Tell um like it is! That article writer had a glass of haterade in a big gulp cup calling it a shot glass! So BOO to them and quit haten!

  4. Disney Vacation Family says:

    Best vacations we have ever had were on the Dream and the Wonder. The cruises are amazing!

  5. Jonna Osborne says:

    Port Canaveral terminal is much roomier than the Miami terminal. I really like Port Canaveral much better, but heck, you're only in the terminal for a little while (if you arrive when you are supposed to, like you said), so any terminal where you can get on a Disney ship is a good terminal.

  6. Sam Calcutt says:

    Spot on Ashley!!

  7. Chris Sharpe says:

    Just returned on Fri from our cruise. Another magical experience!! Loved every minute!! If anyone is cruising the Disney Dream soon. my son wants them to Tell Jean Pierre (Our server) Sebastian says hello!!!!

  8. cowymac says:

    Ashley, been watching your channel over the last few months, getting ready for my first ever cruise. Did a 4 night on the Dream.
    Can’t believe all the tips I used,that I learned from you. Thanks again. PS not sure where to post this because it doesn’t relate to this vlog.

  9. FenceJumper87 says:

    Sounds like a competitor cruise line trying to deter prospective DCL cruisers or someone who thinks that everything & everyone should revolve around their needs and comfort. I suggest they get their own private ship and island and I'm sure they'd find something to complain about with that too. I love Disney cruises and look forward to another one on the Fantasy in November……..

  10. Jeffrey Dela Cruz says:

    I can live off of banana pudding honestly 🧐

  11. Kiki Thornton says:

    God put idiots on this earth clearly for our entertainment.

  12. Aman Gill says:

    Love ur videos

  13. Jeff Hoot says:

    The "Ugly side" of Castaway ?? I mean to tell you that we snorkeled that exact location just a year ago, and it was nothing less than a thousand miles away from being ugly.

  14. terry compton says:

    It's just click bait. And the article gives no advice.

  15. Merlyn Hall says:

    Weird article. I haven't been on a cruise yet, but minimal research shows the opposite of their claims.

  16. Gene Clark says:

    I read this article, and I too was hot after reading it.

  17. Shannon Adkins says:

    I love how you’re not afraid to voice your opinion!!! Keep on keeping it real Ashley & stand up against the haters!!

  18. aramintanne says:

    I feel like the person that wrote this article has never been on a cruise in general or at least not on a mega ship. You wanna talk crowds? Look at photos from a mega ship. Nowadays there are going to be crowds that’s just the way it is. So I guess tell this person to stay in the house and lock their door.

  19. Denise Aguirre says:

    Awesome video! Down with the lies! Great job!

  20. Lyndsey Armstrong says:

    When you have nothing to complain about you really have to stretch for it. Disney is amazing!

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