Do You See The Bullying Going On ?

Monday, July 31, 2017

When I was in the 4th grade I got my first pair of glasses. I didn’t
realize what I couldn’t see until I began wearing glasses, then contact
lenses and eventually even lasik surgery. Until then, I thought everyone saw
things as I saw them. But once I could really see, I finally realized how bad
my vision had been all along.

In schools today it’s unfortunate that some administrators, teachers and
students are the same way. They have such limited vision that they cannot see
what is happening in their schools. The statistics are continuing to get
worse, literally thousands of students each day are staying home from school
out of fear. Fear of being talked about, teased, tormented and made fun of
to the point they believe they are an unfit out cast.

We have all seen the 1983 movie The Christmas Story, when 9 year old Ralphie
is getting teased and tortured everyday about little things such as not being
tough, his friends and his glasses. Then it happens one day, Ralphie
completely loses it after taking one last snow ball to the face! What does he
do? He charges the school bully Scut Farkus, and proceeds to beats up the
bully until his face is completely bloody and his mother comes down the
street and pulls him off of the bully. Back then, not much harm in that, we
might say the bully got what he deserved and Ralphie stood up for himself and
those around him. Problem solved! But fast forward 27 years later and see
how man different problems we would have. We already know that Ralphie gets
arrested, expelled from school, not to mention the troublemaker label and
even becomes the target of fighting from the gangs attached to the bully and
the list goes on.

This is an easy one to see, but my challenge to schools is what about the
Ralphie’s that would never fight back, the ones that simply going on
beating themselves up in their head thinking they are not good enough, they
don’t belong here, or even here on earth. Or the teenagers that become
depressed, they shut down and they begin to drink, smoke or cut until their
problems seem to go away! This is the slippery slope we see every day in the
lives of teenagers across the country, or should I say those of us that have
had a vision upgrade can see every day.

The reason I bring this up is there are hundreds of thousands of kids that
are waiting for someone to stand up for them, let them know they are safe and
that in spite of all the things being said and done, they are good enough to
be here and certainly good enough to achieve their goals and dreams in their

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