Does Birth Order Affect Your Personality?

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Can the order of your birth affect your personality?
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Blair, Linda. Birth Order: What Your Position In The Family Really Tells You About Your Character: 2011, Piatkus.
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  1. sacha simpson says:

    Oh shit first born and meets the criteria but a little bit of hating disorder

  2. Ed 8806 says:

    Youngest child squad where u at

  3. fire hippy says:

    im the oldest…

  4. Ava Gendreau says:

    I am the youngest and I am the responsible one but then again that is a theory.

  5. Josh Heidrich says:

    What about twins?

  6. jacob carrasco says:


  7. Carson Upenieks says:

    Im such a middle child

  8. Logan Def says:

    Im last born of 2 and my brother bullies my by hitting me and choking me until i cry when my parents arent home
    Btw my broters name is hudson defreitas

  9. Emaddeen Amm says:

    100% accurate for me

  10. idi nahoi says:

    so who's on top

  11. Madison Ray says:

    I live the most confusing life I’m a only child by blood and I will always be a only child with my mom but with my dad I have a younger sister and a older brother that will always be like blood to me well there is your tiny bit of confusion for the the day bye

  12. Ջեյմի says:

    I’m the first child and I have one sister.

  13. Tristen Ashworth says:

    I am the younger sibling but I am like the oldest and my older sibling is more like the last born

  14. Mollyplay ;/2 says:

    The middle child is lazier and flexible…? TOTALLY ME !

  15. Lost_SymphoniiRBLX says:

    Oh my god I am the middle child and that is the complete opposite of my personality.

  16. Chickasaw 963 says:

    Birth order is more significant in neglectful family dynamics.

  17. Mae Schindler says:

    I am moms youngest of 4 but my dad's second child. (They both had been married twice). Add in that when I was about 4 years old my 3 older siblings had been removed from our household & put in foster care. So….what does this all say about me?

  18. Isabella Maria says:

    I’m the youngest (well I only have one sibling who is 10 yrs older) and the expectations for me are much higher. I’m expected to get into a better high school and have better grades than my sister did and also to get a better job and be an overall better person than my sister lol

  19. TurvyTophat says:

    Anything about twins

  20. Slushie Plushie says:

    As a middle child you know the oldest gets the most respect and the youngest the most attention D':

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