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Thursday, November 9, 2017

In a marked out square with poles put three items for the dog to find. Agood nosework exercise to help tire out your dog. see how hard he works and ground he covers
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We decided to show you just how different our four-legged friends’ views on devotion and love are.
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  1. Caleb DeSimone says:

    Nice work.

  2. Jose Margo says:

    Now this all concludes that dogs are better!

    I know there will be hate comments but I just really like dogs even though I don’t have one:(

  3. LT LT says:

    I cant have a dog or a cat coz im allergic to fur

  4. Kawaii Condom says:

    wait that cat owner facts isn't true at all..cats are actually have so many advantages compared to dogs.Like cats can make your heartbeat better by just doing 'purring' because the sound is low frequency and at the same time it can correct and close your looses bones. It is true that cats aren't hype like dogs but like cat just don't wanna disturb and messed up your you can run your life calmly and peacefully.But here I'm not saying that dogs aren't good but just the facts need to be balanced don't be biased.

  5. Shane Attack says:

    I think this video more likes dogs than cats…. This just my opinion so yup.. Like if you agree

  6. Shane Attack says:

    Cat nots like that… Btw i am cat owner i have 4 cats

  7. Ivan Fisic says:

    I choose you pikadog

  8. Rose The Wolf says:

    I like dogs more than cats. There playful friendly and are always happy to you. Cat are not as much as dogs at all! They scratch and bite. My friend had one and it scratched me so hard it made me bleed. I'll never forget it so I hate cats

  9. mettaton ex says:

    cats ain't so bad my Kitty's love me and always greet me and eat the food I give them


    I'm a cat owner, and i would have to disagree to your views of a cat.

  11. M. Fakhrurrazzaq Hadi says:

    Cats in this vid are a savage

  12. Quynh Huong Phan says:


  13. TotallyLogicalYT says:

    My cats ( I have four, I've had two my whole life and two kittens) are nowhere near as mean as the cat in this video. They're way nicer. If you have a cat does it act that way?

  14. saige woods says:

    This is the most stereotypical video I think I've ever watched

  15. Itz Voidd Gamez says:

    dogs hate baths

  16. Tammy Cowan says:

    I like cats and dogs and horses

  17. jewish dad says:

    kissing a dog is bad

  18. Badmintonlover says:

    “The summer house” ????????

  19. Badmintonlover says:

    The shopping one isn’t true

  20. Leeanna P says:

    That " Cat " is not a cat.

  21. Violetdapanda 222 says:

    I am still a cat person!!!!

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