domestic abuse against men

Saturday, September 10, 2016

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  1. FaithInD3cay says:

    Certainly there must be a male rights organisation who would be willing to send bona fide legal representation? This is unbelievable.

  2. Belal DarkneSS says:

    domestic abuse of women is kinda encouraged in my culture, a man is supposed to have authority over his family… in the same time a man is supposed to pay for any crimes his family make…. it goes further as each extended family have a chosen chieftain to represent the entirety of adult men in the family, some sort of a godfather figure in Mafia, sometimes families even go to war against eachother, and the chieftain would be held responsible for compensation.
    all in all, with the diminishing tribal laws, men are left unprotected, while women are getting power from feminist groups and chivalry ideals from the Tribal times…. if you want to help men, do fight the social privileges given to people based on gender, which women hold most of them, like how a (man should not hit a woman) instead of (people should not hit eachother), or how there are women rights, but no man rights groups etc…

  3. Burce was says:

    No matter what…The man is always wrong in this new world. A Hillary win will bring about the fourth and fifth wave of Nazi feminism.
    Cup your hands over your nut sack and roll with the punches men. Or start turning the ship away from the waterfall.

  4. pollracker says:

    men get abused, why would people try to cover this up. is their narative really so important that they have to pretend this doesnt happen.

  5. Daniel Popoca-Logue says:

    What's disgusting is how feminists complain about rape culture, but several women consistently falsely accuse a man of rape with little to no evidence. Even if the man is found not guilty, the accuser gets off Scot free.

  6. Doge says:

    i feel sorry for this guy

  7. Thyphoniu s says:

    Thank you. You are doing a great job. Keep on going.

  8. Brendan O'Irish says:

    please dont tell me its scripted, tell me after actually.

  9. Andrew Sybesma says:

    Solution: how about we talk and discuss things like adults, instead of losing control like a three year old? What ever happened to good ol' self control? Bottom line is, if you can't express yourself to your partner or significant other without putting your hands on them in a malicious way, you should be alone so that you're the only one hurt.

  10. Öberkommandant MacGuffin says:

    What happened to that guy is massively fucked. What a bitch, ruining his life like that.

  11. Ethan Lothyan says:

    well, I have a problem. the second she said "mental abuse can be just as bad, if not worse" my first thought was pansy. might be cause I'm kindof a sociopath, but it might still be a problem.

  12. Troy Petersen says:

    Glasses on, Serious Mode.

  13. Chris smith says:

    she is so beautiful.

  14. John Smith says:

    Engineering Explained? Is that you?

  15. Jennifer Moyer says:

    You don't fuck with someone's dog, man. I'd fuck a bitch up, not a joke.

    Women are always the ones that get believed about major things like this without question and it really fucking pisses me off.

  16. MrDAPaudio says:

    Nice spectacles, Sh0e.

  17. Comarang Gaming says:

    I dont know how true this is for others but for me it is the case that if i was being abused by a woman i would stand and take it. Simply because i hve been brought up to believev that there is never a reason to hit a woman. The only time i did was when my sister and i used to wrestle. No matter the circumstances i would be incapable of hitting a woman even in self defense.

  18. William Farris says:

    I like the look of you in glasses :)

  19. Luiz Marinho says:

    If a man dares to fight back, nobody will believe that he wasn't the one that started it.

  20. Joshua John says:

    Hidden cameras folks. Set them up and let em fail themselves. We also need to start NAMING these PIECE OF SHIT judges who enable this shit.

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