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Friday, November 4, 2016

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The Druid Code: Magic, Megaliths and Mythology


  1. progforcefield says:

    I walk past an abortion clinic in liverpool reguarly, it's known as the irish takeaway among taxi drivers due to the amount of irish girls, walked past it hundreds of times but the other week it was 9 am saturday morning it was raining and grey and on the other side of the road was a group of christians saying prayers for these aborted babies and it just affected me in a weird way,never seen anyone outside that clinic over many years, I don't know it was just really heavy and sad

  2. MTGAMING says:

    I am a woman and I have never had an abortion and I always was careful not to be put in that position.You just nailed it and I totally agree.
    We can agree with abortion and yet it is an important event and it should be for the man and the woman involved.
    Thank you thank you, you just gave me the words.Not bad fro a man :)

  3. viasha says:

    I've had an abortion and what you say is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT – it took me YEARS to differentiate between guilt and trauma in myself. Sounds like I must be really stupid for it to take so long? Women have been taught that they SHOULD feel guilty about this stuff, and in sheer emotional exhaustion and misery we immediately identify that whole bundle of pain as guilt, which becomes deeply imprinted, not least because just seeking other possibilities within yourself is still further exhausting – you just don't have that much energy to spend. Fuck those who want to shout women away from this necessary discussion. Thank you

  4. Ildiko Ivanyi says:

    I think afterwards when your body realizes that the pregnancy is ended, the sudden dip in those elevated hormones made me feel suicidally depressed and extremely emotional. You feel like you disposed of a part of you and this feeling never goes away. Then there's the shame of having allowed that to happen. I'm not trying to sound like a Christian here but after awhile I started to understand why it's important to have a stable, committed relationship if there is sex involved. I think the things that profoundly influenced my decision to have abortion was lack of support network, growing up poor, fatherlessness and abuse in my childhood. It's like I had so much self hatred that the pregnancy brought up all kinds of conflicted feelings from childhood and probably my own infancy. I was terrified and ambivalent, and also didn't have partners who would have wanted to be involved and supportive through the pregnancy. I think about what my kids would have been like alot even after many years that loss stays with you. It might hit you harder as you get older if you never had any kids.

  5. Wicklowwolf says:

    Highly controversial subject. I sincerely hope we will be able to keep abortion well out of Ireland.

  6. Super Saiyan 3 says:

    Abortion is murder

  7. Nan Mar says:

    people just need to learn how to detach, and let go and move on….

  8. Mark Dal says:

    . Really heartfelt vid. Thank you. I have some thoughts on this which or may not be on point.

    There could be an added dimension to this issue, which may be worth looking at.
    Firstly, most of the mothers I know think of children as extensions of themselves at some level. The child grows in the womb and is fed and grows from the mother. So this is not surprising. Even when the child becomes an adult with a distinct and separate personality, this feeling that the child is a part of them, I suspect, never really goes away.

    To that extent, perhaps abortion could be felt or experienced at some level as a kind of suicide by proxy. My feeling is that a similar guilt, shame and fear process is underlying the trauma that the mother feels post abortion. Perhaps some kind of interventional help whether psychological or spiritual in nature could be useful when helping women who suffer this loss.
    There is a double whammy to this too though. Some ( not very nice) parts of our society will villify and shame and the label of baby killer etc will probably be internalised by the grieving mother as well. These are both huge emotional and psycho/spiritual burdens to carry.

    I do think its worth reiterating that counselling should be offered and sought to women who experience this trauma, just as it should be offered to anyone suffering from PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder). Just my thoughts. I hope they may help someone at some time to find some peace.

  9. Shadowrunner Radio says:

    Abortion is murder. When the sperm and egg meet, it becomes a 3rd separate creature from the mother and father. Also, the act of an abortion is very bloody and violent.

  10. jesus jones says:

    Bloody hell, scary!

  11. jesus jones says:

    If a woman is raped and because of the rape the woman got pregnant, I don't know how a woman would cope with this, so maybe abortion is necessary?

  12. smakintosh says:

    Thank you for sharing this.

  13. Jennifer Smith says:

    Brilliance. Thank you. Nobody else is willing to say these things.

  14. youtubepoop fan says:

    It is traumatic. It is always the possibilities of who the baby would have become. There is a darkness that follows you.

  15. Cassie Miller says:

    guilt is good. if you put your hand in the fire you get burned. it's your conscience directing you you did wrong and not to do it again.and to make amends ask for forgiveness and the love of God. I am a Catholic, stop slagging the good Catholics with the bad. besides, we all are sinners, don't throw stones, unless you haven't sinned first. Jesus was right. he always is.

  16. Cassie Miller says:

    the black shapes are probably deamons. babies arnt demons. dead babies are with Jesus in heaven. and they love their mothers and fathers.

  17. Cassie Miller says:

    women who have miscarriages don't forget and go on to have another child. mothers never forget. they want to know that they will see the child they lost in heaven when they get there. what else would you expect?! they are mothers.

  18. Cassie Miller says:

    the women who were raped mostly don't want abortions, did you know that? they want to keep "THEIR" child.

  19. Cassie Miller says:

    wife, mother, marriage, love, Catholicism all banned words! wonder why. because they are all Gods plan. no, not the pero priests, there are good priests. abortion is evil. it hurts everybody.

  20. Ratty Finklestein says:

    You are so right, Thomas. I had an abortion when I was a teen. I went in thinking that I was taking care of a problem. I left traumatized. I couldn't talk to anyone about it as "you made your bed, now lie in it". I went on to have two children, but, forty years later; I still mourn.

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