Earthquake : 313 Earthquakes swarm San Diego County of Brawley California (Aug 27, 2012)

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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Earthquake swarm puts California town on edge

Swarm of earthquakes rattles Southern California in the Brawley Seismic Zone

California Earthquakes: Swarm Of Quakes Rattle Southern California
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Is San Andreas real? Could the earthquake in San Andreas happen? Or could a 10.0 Earthquake happen? Will San Andreas Happen? What about California’s BIG ONE? San Andreas EXPLAINED! The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) battles nature as he attempts to escape the super earthquake rocking Los Angeles, but could this magnitude earthquake really happen? The movie revolves around the concept of the “big one” earthquake tearing apart the San Andreas fault. San Andreas’ earthquake comes in at a whopping 10.0 on the Richter Scale, prompting Paul Giamatti to exclaim “The Earth will literally crack open.” The quake depicted is bigger than the world’s worst earthquakes, the Japan Earthquake 2011, the Chile Earthquake, and the Alaska Earthquake. There’s even a tsunami like the japan tsunami.


What If San Andreas Was Like Full House? Parody!
Mad Max: Fury Road Review:


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Earthquake history –
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Host: Drew Coolidge

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Written by: Drew Coolidge
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  1. LuckyCrown79116 says:

    i remember that i almost died when the power went out you need a ac out here

  2. George Heath says:

    Who wrote this?  Brawley is NOT in San Diego County, not even close.

  3. martin mejia says:

    lol 1:15 there face doh XD n who else notice the pic in the back ;-;

  4. blaisy4evr says:

    I lived across from the pool that day. It was pretty awesome watching the pool water move

  5. Melok Vendetta says:

    they should have kept it opened so you could expand your vocabulary, I'm sorry the correct answer was, "I was here"

  6. gabriel ware says:

    i was hear in brawly thay closed my school phil swing

  7. kidjr27 says:

    Naaa.. Hate Sirius for causing them:) That's what the Illuminati clock does.. It count's down EQ's.. You can go to illuminatiorderDOTinfo to see what I mean:)

  8. kidjr27 says:

    Remember the oil spill in the gulf? That wasn't an oil leak at all.. They drilled into an asphault volcano to give the illusion of oil.. It's the corexit that is causing all the deaths there and though the gulf isn't near the coast the 2 still relate because those asphault volcanos connect to passageways and the globalist pigs know this.. Let's not forget something too.. The gulf is where that alleged underwater base of Greys reside.. There is a lot we don't know and I bet we are all wrong!

  9. WHYTHE559 says:

    Now in CENTRAL CALI.. 4.2 and 4.0 in HURON.

  10. TheManfromNibiru says:

    Its Tijuana Hard Rocken After Shock in El Centro ! I heard about the party

  11. 12speed4ever1 says:

    Dein i live in old campo trailers hope nothing THAT bad happens in brawley 🙁

  12. Jaime Cristobal says:

    OMG i live in Brawley, CA and these were the worst earthquakes i have ever felt! ever since these geothermals plants have been built, we've been having earthquakes!!

  13. Schneider Fleury says:

    everything that is happening is all in the bible god is coming be ready

  14. Dexter says:

    It might be the start

  15. Anna Roybal says:

    The big one is comming

  16. Corsye says:

    Don't need to believe or listen to god to understand what's happening.

  17. Ambition4Succeeding says:

    And we still don't listen or believe in God

  18. 2souls beyond says:

    Have faith an No fear ✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶

  19. baalyezidi says:


    Couple of days… I have been warning people around where i live( I live 30 minutes away from Brawley been warning friends and fam for a while now.. it was pretty obvious it was going to hit here.. there was none stop plate movement around the ring of fire.. the only place that there was no movement was cali.. but couple of weeks ago there was also a swarm of quakes hitting l.a

  20. Dexter says:

    The big one is coming soon? Warn family and friends. Imagine if its like in the movie 2012 :O

  21. greencatz 45 says:

    0:12 lol

  22. hamdi ali says:

    Yes it can happen ???

  23. julie pacholarz says:

    Mega tornado from into the storm

  24. Norma Garcia says:


  25. Finn McDermott says:

    I see the move  I  love   it

  26. Jar Dino Videos says:

    Texas do not have earthquakes or tsunami only tornadoes floodsBut no ? we just have tornadoes floods that’s all we have we have a hurricanes

  27. Rene Garcia says:

    That movie is real

  28. Mariangela Ruiz says:

    #News Rules

  29. Aysa Alijaj says:

    My teacher showed my class the trailer and said this is what scientists predict what will happen in California in the furture

  30. Morgan Mckeown says:

    I watched this movie in class and I apsalutly loved it

  31. Cartz -Minecraft/Gifs/movies says:

    This is happening in CA!

    Soon.. We don't know, it could happen twomorow or anywhere near 2017.

  32. gg454lune says:

    At that very moment, I'm so glad I live in a "stable" area. We had a 5.4 earthquake 15 years ago but that's the only one I ever felt.

  33. Minandro Cabrito says:

    Its impossible having a higher earthquake then 8.2

  34. Dreadpool Games says:

    No it multiplies by 30

  35. Lila Bennefield-Lowrey says:

    the fault DOES go under water, check it again

  36. Emma Guarisco says:


  37. Team Smile says:

    what about the recent one from Mexico of a 8.1 and i dont give a shit what scale is it

  38. Sasaa The Hooper says:


  39. Pruett Fedorowicz says:

    The cat in center field

  40. thefolkmaster says:

    The big one will not be on the San Andreas fault it will occur on the cascadia subduction zone and cause a tsunami

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