Education Finland has best education system in the world NBC NightlyNews_09292010

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Education Finland has best education system in the world NBC NightlyNews_09292010

Education Finland has best education system in the world from NBC Nightly News 09292010
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  1. PacMonster146 says:

    USA- land of the greed

  2. Marco Antonio Soriano says:

    Excellent and that’s why I am homeschooling in the USA all my children

  3. Sukhman #juststartedlovingmylife says:

    Finland here I come ?

  4. MikusLove Soul says:

    Here in America they only teach us how to study not remember it's absolutely shitty, I wanna go to a Sweden university to be properly taught.

  5. ali Naseem says:

    I gotta ask you a question in USA does books changes I mean in our country we study 35 years old book and they don't even get edited

  6. Mr. Handy says:

    Finland just gets all the attention. In reality, their education is the same as in Canada, the Netherlands, and Estonia…

  7. Lonestarstate says:

    It's gross that there are any non finns in this school. Europe is the homeland of white people and it should stay that way.

  8. Joseph Co says:

    America needs this system because we need to start improving our things such as education, our incredible debt in money

  9. Confused Black kid that has it all figured out says:

    this video is trash

  10. Kukkis Hofferson says:

    I known that Finland's schools is the best in the world!

  11. Daniel Roberts says:

    Wow how they blame the teachers when they don't come up with the material to teach the kids…. sounds like they don't want to place the blame where it belongs

  12. Sky442 Spy says:

    oon suomesta-im from finland and im proud ?

  13. Germy German says:

    And meanwhile in USA you've got the rednecks trying to shoot each other with their rifles, and then protest that "People kill people, not guns".

  14. Sun flower Child says:

    I ?Finland

  15. Ruby is here says:

    how does one cite this??

  16. kl316 says:

    The problem in the U.S isn't the schools or the teachers, it's the students and the parents. There are certain people who don't take education seriously and would rather blame the systems for their own laziness.

  17. Christian Gruber says:

    Think for youor selves.. goast in the machine. This is a robot. But robots can spelll……….WHAat ?

  18. Jens Hauge says:

    Pasi Sahlberg has stated that Finland taking the top 10 percent of teachers is NOT how Finland chooses their educators. He has stated that only about 1/4 of their teachers are at the academic top. Instead, they choose the right person for the job based on life qualifications.

    Finnish Masters programs are like 5 year programs, not like these Teach for America or "accelerated" programs. Finland makes sure it has a well trained workforce. AND their schools are free so teachers aren't burdened with debt like they are in America.

  19. ImJustDead says:

    Pause 0:50, find Canada… ranked 5th.

    Happy…. unpause!

    And beside why are they comparing them to the US, it should be taken for granted that Finland is better. Its 2015, they lose their house if they can't PAY to keep healthy and most of the people's taxes still go towards the military.

  20. rarrmonkey says:

    I'm 32 and wish to go to a school in Finland to start my education over again.

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