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Monday, June 13, 2016

http://workplacenewsletters.com – Lessons in Employee Newsletter and Company Newsletters from the publisher of FrontLine Employee. Today’s free newsletter information and skills topic: “Why have an Employee Newsletter”. We discuss why an employee newsletter, company newsletter, or what I like to call a “Work-Life-Productivity-Stress Newsletter” for employees is critical to enhance employee well being, protect the bottom line, help employee develop and be all they can be for your company, and reduce behavioral risk associated with many workforce problems like absenteeism, tardiness, conflicts, difficult personality behaviors, lack of creativity, and solving problems on the job more effectively. Also, a newsletter with topics of interest to families is critical because employees do not leave their problems at the door step so employee newsletters than contain information on dealing problems with parenting and teenagers, safety, injury prevention around the home, couples communication (especially), and saving money and healthy living tips make your newsletter a sure read. I also discuss length of newsletter and show you why a 2-page newsletter sent monthly is easy and more effective, and desired by employees more than a 4-page employee newsletter that comes out quarterly. Using MS Publisher or MS Word, and creating your newsletter in this formats represent a popular approach, best practice, and state of the art in do-it-yourself newsletter that are found to be effective with employees. You want readability, and we supply you with an employee newsletter and an MS Publisher template along with an MS Word Template each month..and it comes a week early. It’s never been late in 16 years. Are you an employee assistance program (EAP) with a need to have an EAP Newsletter for your corporate customers? You EAP utilization will be high if you create an EAP newsletter that comes out monthly and contains articles that match the needs of the corporate culture you serve.
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