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Sunday, October 22, 2017

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article : Symptoms Of Energy Shift – DO NOT Ignore Them!


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  1. pkereszt says:

    Is there a remedy for mechanical voice? 🙂

  2. Beverley Nowikow says:

    animals are always with me and do not leave me alone. I am a shaman so what you are saying is making sense.

  3. Beverley Nowikow says:

    What about excruciating back pain and sciatic nerve pain where there are days you cannot walk properly. Severe panic and anxiety attacks

  4. Linka Crosby says:

    Thankyou I appreciate your guidance ❤️Love and gratitude ❤️

  5. Sheila Ann Hatcher says:

    Great message!
    Awesome and then some!
    Thank you for this message…knowing is relief for myself and the others I share with and calms those who are not knowing? Yes, very informative info to share with all, awakened or not? Yes…many Blessed by your work and I for one follow your every footstep. It's an honor to walk with you, I can't wait for a dance next! Enjoying the changes…good or? Whatever…just in Gratitude and loving the life. Peace to all and Love and Light, Namaste

  6. James Key says:

    um 2150 not 2017

  7. Susan Peters says:

    Distilled water.

  8. Susan Peters says:

    On Sunday, October 22, 2017, the Wave (shift) takes place. Just a heads up for All. Go with the flow and don’t sweat it. Much love to You. xo

  9. Susan Peters says:

    I’m so happy to see this today. I’ve had flu like symptoms and took one antibiotic. Just learned to not take them. I am all of the above. Thank you. XO

  10. Southern Grace says:

    Thank you… ✌❤️?

  11. Heidi Blake says:

    Wow ♥️

  12. D says:

    I needed this video more than anything right now. I got hit by a horrible "cold" this past weekend, on Sunday. Every day during the horrible flu, I belt better; but I also felt changes within my body, like increased "light" and much more subtle in all my limbs. This whole experience lately has been like a simultaneous purging and upgrade.

  13. Cari.j rod says:

    My whole body has been trembling it feels like every muscles are moving at the same time. This has been happening For past 3 days I also have been crying for no reason and very fatigue headaches and no appetite. Its awful when will it stop.?

  14. LIGHT WORKER says:

    I am the 22 comment on 222 views. Clearly I am to view this message from my Angels.

  15. Susie Salter says:

    Omg……….omg! ! Sooooooo true???????????????????

  16. Carole Mann says:

    I've heard that energy shifts cause spikes it blood sugar among diabetics. Is there anything I can do,to prevent this?

  17. Jaime Miller says:

    Wow so much of this rings true thanks for sharing your light.

  18. Eve _Xoxo333 says:

    Exactly how I'm feeling. For a second thought I was dying ? Happy to know this is what's going on. Thank you!

  19. Jonna Vera says:


  20. Sabrina Nascimento says:

    I feel tired then I am surrounded by people who suck My energy. I am an Empath and a highly sensitive person.

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