English Grammar – Articles A or THE – (With practice exercises and answers) Part 3

Friday, November 15, 2019

An English grammar lesson – learn about definite and indefinite articles (A and THE).

When to say “the” and when NOT to say “the” with uncountable nouns in English. How can potatoes and hungry octopuses help you to learn grammar?

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Articles in English part 1 (Singular nouns): https://youtu.be/4LR9_tCalX4
Articles in English part 2 (Plural nouns): https://youtu.be/FQgGeH5-3NE

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  1. 肩村八重 says:

    It was so helpful for me. Thank you!

  2. kristy yeung says:

    it makes me laugh to see octopus eating the rice. looking forward to ur coming video

  3. Hanseul Lee says:

    It's so funny when you count water(?)😂😂😂 Thanks for uploading helpful videos! I'm just looking forward to your next video😁

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