English Grammar Lesson: Definite and indefinite articles

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Lucia Coward teaches the difference between definite and indefinite articles.

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Beginner level education English song teaching when to use the articles “a” and “an.” Learn English and rock!


A and an, a and an
when to use a and an.

A ball, a cat, a dog, a hat.

A and an, a and an
when to use a and an.

A lion, a zebra, a box, a teacher.

With a, e, i, o, u – use an.

An apple, an orange, an umbrella, an egg,
an octopus, an igloo, an elephant, an island.

with a, e, i, o, u – use an!
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  1. Mubashir Malick says:

    yure great teacher in articles

  2. Mubashir Malick says:

    yuure great teacher in articles

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    you are a good teacher and also attractive

  5. whatever Icando says:

    Thank you very much this video, I just listened without watch the video and i understood every word what you said. I am reviewing my old lessons also.

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  7. NidusFormicarum says:

    Clear and concise! But this is a very basic lesson; I'm searching for an advanced lecture about this particular subject. The foreign languages I know best are English, Modern Greek and Spanish and I frequently make mistakes with the articles. It's very interesting to compare the situation in different langauges. Sometimes, when the indefinite singular is used in English they may use the definite plural in Greek, for instance. The tricky part is to know when to omit the article and when not to. For instance, I know that it should be "It's fate" and not "It's the fate.". …

    Just an example: "I don't have (a) job/work." Which of the combinations are correct?

  8. ikrame fertate says:

    Very interesting vidéo thanks you so much i really enjoyed it

  9. Daniel Araque says:

    Wow! the theacher is so hot!! i love her <3

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    TYSM Mam!

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    Wish my teacher would make it so simple.

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    THE hottest teacher ever. A great vid. An exciting tits. Happy new year 2015!

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    Beautiful accent and cute teacher :)

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    I study english very bad, but i like english…someone can help me to answer my question.Which pages can I learn english?

  16. Mattos Sobrinho says:

    Hello there!
    When do I pronounce "a (ei) book" and when do I pronounce "a (aa) Book"? In your lesson you always pronounce 'a' with the sound of (ei).

    It´s confusing for me when should I use one pronunciation and when I use the other.

    If you can explain I´ll be very pleased!

  17. varatha1979 says:

    Brilliant explanation with the right pace. Thanks to the teacher

  18. SuperGrey95 says:

    That was very helpful omg thank you and the way you explain is really good !!

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    This video is fantastic. Thank you. I was searching for just this type of lesson for an English student struggling with articles and came across this. I'd love to try other such videos.

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    I need the lyrics :(

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