English lesson – How to use the definite article (the) – gramática inglesa

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

English lesson - How to use the definite article (the) - gramática inglesa

In this English lesson you will practise when to use and when not to use the definite article (the).
More on the definite article https://youtu.be/l–9djUfsQc

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  1. Karyn Ellis says:

    As a native English speaker studying how to teach ESL, I am really enjoying your lessons and picking up some great ideas about how to approach the material when teaching. I do want to point out, however, that I see one small mistake in sentence #8: it should read "John was born IN the summer of 1969. You even said it correctly when you went over the sentence, but "in" is missing on the board. Thought I'd bring that to your attention, because perhaps you can annotate the video after the fact. In the meantime, thanks for these lessons. They are inspiring for me!

  2. TAHER MUSTAFA says:

    thanks a lot for your fruitful lessons

  3. Matthew Riegler says:

    Thank you for the video. Please look at number three: "His family go to prison to visit him on Sundays." I think the verb "go" should be "goes".

  4. Angela M says:

    Hi sir, In no 8 can we use "in" or it depends on meaning?
    John was born IN summer of 1969. is this correct?

  5. Ulya Rog says:

    There are far more rules about THE article than you mentioned in this video)….Use The with:
    collections of lakes (such as the Great Lakes)
    mountain chains
    references on the globe (such as the Equator, the North Pole)
    geographic regions (such as the Northwest, the Middle East)
    bridges (except Tower Bridge)
    the Sun, the Moon
    extraordinary works of art or architecture (such as the Mona Lisa, the Colosseum, the Great Wall of China, and the Taj Mahal)
    .And many more rules)))

  6. anil kumawat says:


  7. Nat Del Carmen says:

    So useful for me! Thank you so much 💕

  8. Mingkeng Litin says:

    can you tell the function 'the` is doing in the sentence: the early bird catches the worm.
    the dewdrops glitter in the sunshine.

  9. David Cerdán says:

    I teach English in Madrid (Spain) and I strongly recommend your videos to my students.
    As many of them don’t follow this wise piece of advice (another one missed out! ;-)), I use them in my classes as a support to my teaching. Hope you don’t mind!
    A million thanks and congratulations for your superb video-lessons!
    Your videos are perfectly balanced (duration, depth, rythm of the explanations and examples) for intermediate level students and higher levels I’d say. A perfect learning recipe, so! By the way, is this end position for ‘so’ gramatically correct? 😉
    With my deepest gratitude for your excellent work!

  10. ramesh chandra says:

    Thanks a lot sir for your awesome video

  11. Miguel Graziottin says:

    Very good lesson! Thanks Stu!

  12. lisiane lacerda grazziotin says:

    Thank you Stu! Thats a great lesson down here!

  13. Francis Costa says:

    "I am going to THE cinema" Is it correct? Why should I put the "THE" if the meaning is the primary purpose?

  14. Carlo Martone says:

    Hello Stuart, thank you very much! Your lessons are very great!!!

  15. Carlos Ruedas says:

    Hi Stuart , first of all i want to tell you that you are my favorite english teacher and i am trying to watch all your videos that i find amazing all of them.So many thanks for share this knowledge online. I have realized that you do many examples with Spain , it´s for something or am i wrong? Regards from Spain

  16. ElMundodeMoira says:

    I shared your video on my page, I hope it helps!! And thanks for this. 😉
    facebook/English Beginners

  17. Станислав Якубенко says:

    Thank you for your great videos!

  18. Plants Cosmic says:

    Thank you so much. Your explanation has been fantastic.

  19. Feelings says:

    Good lesson it was helpful.

  20. Roozbeh Rmin says:

    Thank you for this great video. Could you also explain about combinations like ¨the use of tools¨ and ¨receipt of the letter¨?

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