English Writing Skills 6: Titles, Names, and Adjective Clauses (Part 1 of 2)

Friday, September 20, 2019

English Writing Skills 6 (intermediate/ advanced)

Part 2 http://youtu.be/AYziicoS0W4

– Capitalizing titles of artistic works
– Writing people’s names
– Using commas with adjective clauses

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Something in Common: Practice punctuating titles

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  1. 游琳 says:

    Hi, Jennifer: I like your videos.Thanks! I have a question. I don't catch the phrase "set off" well. In the video, I heard the phrase"set off" at 3:56, 4:30 and 5:49. I only knew it means "start a journey". Does it mean "separate" in the clip? I looked it up but I am afraid that I misunderstood it. I am not sure about it. Could you help me? Besides the question, it is easy to understand.Thanks a lot, Jennifer!

  2. Kafui Abalo says:

    wow ,thank you so much Jennifer

  3. André Luiz says:

    The rules for adjective clauses and commas in English are identical to the rules we use in Portuguese.

  4. Advertising Archive Bangladesh says:

    Is this "gift" or "a gift."

  5. JenniferESL says:

    @wajiha noori My instinct tells me to keep the focus very narrow, so we only highlight the noun. You'll see a similar example with the definite article here.http://www.apastyle.org/learn/faqs/use-double-quotes.aspx

  6. wajiha noori says:

    One question regarding this video.
    In the sentence: John Travolta plays a simple man who receives "a gift."
    Do we put just the word "gift" in quotation marks or should we also consider the article of the word and write it as "a gift"
    In your video, you just put quoataion marks around gift.

  7. Mohamed Abdelaziz says:

    Merry Christmas, Jennifer  from USA, and thank you so much .

  8. Luciano G. says:

    Jennifer, I want to thank you sooooooooo much for spending your time to teach people on Youtube. I can't pay for English classes in my country and I love English. Thanks for making my English studies happen and for making me improve my language skills. By the way: your voice and tone are awesome. It makes easier to understand what you're saying. Anyway, you're doing an amazing and incredible job. God bless you!

  9. nik wik says:

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  10. Chi Tran says:

    Thank you so very much for your time !

  11. Shivam Sahil says:

    Hey Jenifer madam can you please provide us videos for editing also.


  12. Ms. K says:

    Thank you for the lesson, Jennifer.
    Could you also explain what punctuation marks we should use for newspapers' names, local companies' names, products' names? Like in the sentence: I like Andolu Mandarin Chicken which is sold in a/the frozen food section in Indian Treasure. Will punctuation be changed if we know that Indian Treasure is the only store in our city or it is just one of stores in a trading network. 

  13. Aryan Raj says:

    hi,mam what a melodious voice i wana to say something ………..

  14. ashraf Vorkady says:

    thank you very much jennifer. usefull lesson

  15. Joseph Arthur Orbegoso says:

    Hello Jennifer! First of all, I want to thank you for your video-lessons which are really very helpful for all people who want to learn, practice or improve their English. I think your teaching experience and your special ability for teaching English are truly appreciable by all learners of English. At least, this is my personal feeling.
    On the other hand, it seems to me that you are very interested in topics about certain special capabilities of our mind in order to do things out of commonness or simply extraordinary things in the real world. Maybe, we both have similar interests in this respect. 🙂
    Kind regards!

  16. IamKina says:

    Great lesson Jennifer, thank you!
    (your pronunciation of the Italian's last names is pretty good, though!)

  17. Lalesh Yagysaini says:

    mam this is lalesh from india really i love your voice and your speaking way mind blowing i love it to hear you and see at you 

  18. Medskr flauta doce Ester says:

    Hi, Jennifer!
    Have New Year!
    I´m brazilian.
    I love your videos, but the  sound is very low.
    I can´t hear them.
    You can correct it.

  19. jbiloajbiloa says:

    i m going to search for the phenomenon movie, haven t watched it yet 

  20. Nina Sugarkisser says:

    hello hello
    could you tell me if there is a difference between  single quotation, and double quotation marks? 

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