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Sunday, November 6, 2016

What type of cases are Education Solicitors involved in? Education Solicitors can be used for any area related to the law within education and those involved in education. This article looks at some examples of the types of situation where Education Solicitors might be employed.

There are many examples of education related law. The author of this article is not a legal expert, and the below are simply some examples of situations where education solicitors may be used.

Entry to School, College or University

Some parents whose child has been denied a place at their first choice school have looked to take legal action in the belief that the decision is wrong in the eyes of the law. If they believe they are entitled to a place (for example they are within the catchment area) and have not been given one they may feel this is the only way to resolve the issue. They may know someone from further afield or someone who didnt reach the entry requirements who did get a place. They may therefore seek an explanation as to the reason for the rejection, and if unhappy with the reason given they might look to take it further.

Similarly, some students denied a University place may also look at the legal options if they feel they have met the requirement but have still not gained entry.


There have been situations where parents have taken legal action because their child has been bullied at school. In many cases this is against the school because they have not taken adequate action. It might be that they believe steps werent put in place to prevent bullying or that teachers failed to spot it happening. In other cases there may be evidence that teachers knew what was happening but did nothing about it. Some parents have been in a situation where they have repeatedly told the school about a particular problem but nothing has been done about it, and therefore have sued the school for not acting in the correct matter.

Unfair Treatment from Teachers

There are sometimes accusations that a particular teacher has treated a pupil unfairly. It may even be that they have been bullied, either physically or verbally, by a teacher or picked on. Another example is where they feel their work is being unfairly marked.

Protest Against Exam Results

Some have taken legal action due to being unhappy about the exam results they have got. Some have had exams re-marked for this reasons, with some results changed as a consequence. There have been examples of this at GCSE, A-Level and Degree level.


There are times where parents feel that their child has been unjustifiably expelled from their school and they have decided to pursue the legal avenues.

Setting Up Independent Schools or Academies

Just like the setting up of a business, setting up an independent school requires certain legal processes. Therefore, specialist education solicitors may be hired to make sure everything runs smoothly from a legal standpoint.

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