Exponential Thinking (Peter Diamandis) – Exponential Finance 2014

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Peter Diamandis speaking about “Exponential Thinking” at Singularity University’s Exponential Finance Conference 2014.
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  1. EnterTheSpaceship101 says:

    Where is the music to the intro of this video from?

  2. nanomyou5 says:

    Moore's law in practical computational terms has been pretty much dead since. 2009.

    Look at IPC and FLOPS growth of Intel.

    The only thing that has been growing at near-old-exponential growth is parallel computational power. But all tasks do NOT fit such computational archs.

    Further, the power requirements (due to tunnelling, voltage leaks, etc) have gone up almost exponentially.

    So, Moore's law in practise is DEAD (for now) and so we have a current plateau in exponential computer calculation power growth (that is actually practically utilizable).

  3. Robin Lutz says:

    So, his sulotion to our exponential growing world is to tell our company leaders that they have to adapt, without mentioning that we have to think about ways to have a society that does not produce exponential growth, because exponential growth always leads to a katastrophe. I am so frustrated from that ending.

  4. Rumple Stiltskin says:

    And all of that constrained by materials capabilities, which would present the first hurdle to be overcome.  That I believe is where young minds should put themselves to work.

  5. Dirk Diggler says:

    Why the hell did they have to use a Massai? Dont they know they have cities and towns with people that wear regular clothes?

  6. Stanisław Ślubowski says:

    Are the subtitles also produces by some AI tool? If this is is the case, we have still a long way to go…

  7. sebastiano luciano says:

    as technology grow it will replace millions of people
    2029 100 million unemployment what jobs will we have with the robots  

  8. Jorge Espinoza says:

    Great introduction Peter! Finance is definitely being disrupted right this very moment with peer to peer finance technology like Bitcoin. More importantly 'Bitcoin 2.0' technologies like BitsharesX probably have greater potential to disrupt.

  9. Carlos René Cerrato Estrada says:

    Great video on Exponential technologies! Recommended!!!

  10. Patrick Donohue says:

    Make the change, learn to surf it or become chum in its waters!
    This is it folks. This is the future our children will live in. Are your kids getting the kind of education that will prepare them for a future that no one alive today can imagine? For the future belongs to the productive creatives. 

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