Extreme Poverty in Rich Countries

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Shouldn’t These Countries Do Something For Their People?
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Running a country is no easy task, and it’s a job that not very many people want. When it comes to running a country, there are budgets that are dedicated to improving the wellbeing of citizens. This includes budgeting money for the education system, healthcare, unemployment, and services to the needy. Also, when a company makes a large amount of money, then ideally, they should be able to give their employees a wage that is high enough for them to be able to support their families. At least, that how it is in a perfect world. Unfortunately, some of the richest countries in the world have the highest rates of poverty. Why is that? To put it bluntly, it’s due to government corruption. It is due from the money that goes straight into the pockets of government leaders instead of going to the people.
In countries that are wealthy and have a big economic demand, like oil, it is surprising that there aren’t many jobs available to the working class. And then the jobs that are available, they pay so little that clawing your way out of poverty is nearly impossible since you can’t afford a place to live. Countries like Sudan and Iraq have oil profits that dive into the billions, and yet their poverty rate affects more than a quarter of their countries population. The saddest part is that the citizens of these countries are very well aware of what is going on in their government.
The countries that are included in this video are also known to be exceptionally corrupt. Instead of using the profits for the improvement of their country, big company owners and government leaders have instead chosen to pocket the money that comes into the country instead. By passing proposals that will increase salaries and budgets for the improvement of the big wigs’ lives, they are neglecting the people who need the money the most. Even if you’re not looking at this from the perception of improving the lives of people, take a look at the conditions of these countries. Roads aren’t paved, buildings are falling apart, the basic necessities still include using a hole for a bathroom, and more.
So what will it take to shake up the corruption and balance out the wealth coming into these countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, India, and Kazakhstan? Will it take a rebellion? A war? At this point, it is uncertain. But, just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, perhaps these countries, even though they are older than the countries of Canada and the United States, are still on their way to figuring out their policies. But that is likely just wishful thinking. The reason why the corruption still continues is because these countries aren’t held accountable for their actions. Sure, there’s the United Nations, but there’s only so much they can do.
For details on how much money each country brings in, versus the percentage of poverty in their population, check out the video. You may need to sit down for this, if you’re not already.

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  1. lucio sales says:

    outdated video ,Brasil reduced for 18% in 2016,
    and has increasingly reduced,

  2. Carlos David Ricaurte Orozco says:

    Since when Venezuela is Rich, its neighbors Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Chile are FAR richer than Venezuela

  3. Potato Headd says:

    where's Indonesia

  4. Unname D says:

    Pfff . And I live in Ukraine . 100% hell

  5. Lee U says:

    The reality is that change is a painful process. Life is not fair, deal with it. We are heading in the right direction.

  6. bigpoppazz says:

    What's the music being played called?

  7. oPINIONS says:

    Thanks to our corruptocrazy govt of India

  8. glam Rockr says:

    WTF? for reals?

  9. angelica flores says:

    if the countries are so rich, then why aren't they using that money to help their poor citizens? that's messed up.

  10. Ahmad Chazli says:

    What u mean by U.s they ain't got shit other than McDonalds

  11. Just the Bowies says:

    Yep this serves as an FU to any countries thinking the USA screws over the population. Ok sorry except when Obama  promises anything. Then yes, it is a big middle finger to any non Moon bat democrat.

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    I was expecting america to be on the list

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    Where is Romania ? 

  17. MonolithEnforcer says:

    You conveniently forgot to mention that Iraq is also the world's largest produced of the date fruit.

  18. tyler lewis says:

    If you look at these countries and their history, they have arrived at this point because of interference from the west. Countries like the US or Britain have cause these countries to self collapse under the scheme of so called freedom or modernization. Which in reality was these rich greedy countries coming in and robbing the people and leaving them worst off then before not to mention creating a false economy doomed to fail because they become depended on aid from other countries instead of surviving on their own land which they had been doing for a million years. 

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