Fact-checking Ted Cruz on same-sex marriage ruling

Monday, October 24, 2016

Jake Tapper examines how accurate the claims made by Ted Cruz calling out other GOP candidates on the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage really are.


  1. Enlighten Thyself says:

    He didn't say Trump and Rubio said it. Fact check the fact check.

  2. Nico di Angelo says:

    Oh wow they made a tragic decision by letting people getting married and be happy. WELL SHIT THATS A TRAGEDY ISN'T IT? good lord if you aren't gay or lesbian or pan or trans or bi etc. you have no idea what you are talking about. I'm just an ally so I can't even begin to imagine the struggles that the people of the LGBTQ have gone through but I still know that there right to have a sacred bond with someone else should not be taken away just because some unsympathetic assholes can't pull it together. If you can honest to god tell me that the love between two people is "tragic" then you are really really pathetic. I'm glad though that some of them have the common sense to let it go and just let the people's happiness stay

  3. Tyler Tucker says:

    Lying Ted Cruz.. What a mutant this guy is

  4. Patrick MC says:

    Regular Christians don't deserve anything but the same equal rights as everyone else, which they've always enjoyed and still have. The so-called "Evangelicals" however, need to start being fed to the lions like in the old days.

  5. S C G says:

    I just shake my head at any presidential candidate who would work to overturn the SSM ruling.  If they succeed, then I think they should do the following:  go to a military base and greet service men and women who just stepped off the airplane.  Some of them are gay and married.  Thank them for risking their lives to protect our country and freedoms, then say Oh, by the way, while you were gone I invalidated your marriage.  I wonder if Cruz and Rubio would have the balls to do that?  I doubt it.

  6. Alexa Nova says:


  7. harry craft says:

    it would be nice to see fact checks on Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

  8. srercrcr says:

    Rafael Tedoro Martinez-Puto de Cruz, he's not one of us.

  9. Mayheamk says:

    Ted cruz lying faggot as usual!

  10. Kevin Snyder says:

    Ted Cruz lies

  11. MrSaxbb says:

    Cruz should be put to death and bring back his body to fucking canada

  12. Jillian Michelle says:

    All those republicans running for president are LIARS

  13. subzero1444 says:

    Ted cruz is a nasty guy! he is going to get sued!

  14. Daniel Peña says:

    CNN will always attack Ted Cruz the will never want a real conservative in the white house

  15. Greg Salcedo says:

    Cruz is dishonest. That's a fact.

  16. moolaflagga says:

    kinda late with the fact checking

  17. ELBandido says:

    Trump is all over the place lol. Stick to a point

  18. a2blizzard1017 says:

    what a disrespectful rude prick. Anderson cooper is right next to him. have some fucking respect.

  19. Sarah says:

    The facts are that instead of campaigning for a Constitutional amendment legalizing same sex "marriage" the "gay rights" movement decided to subvert the system by manipulating 5 justices into putting words in the Constitution that aren't there which is a dangerous precedent and will lead to other imbecile court opinions. I will only vote for someone who points that out.

  20. Anthony video maker says:

    Cruz is a f@c%en lier!!!

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