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Sunday, November 20, 2016

The true cost-


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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Fast Fashion

Chinas Textile Water Pollution-

Water Pollution

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Bangladesh Landfills


  1. sammybelove says:

    yes!! this documentary changed my life and I am 2 years fast fashion free <3

  2. SE May says:

    Good on you – ethical fashion app is wonderful.

  3. Grace Morgan says:

    Hey what's the song called? Great video!

  4. Fruit Rebel Mama says:

    I just discovered your channel and love it! Such a great video! Thank you for this information!

  5. vegancarley says:

    But you see, I'm 14 years old. I don't have any money to buy fancy expensive fair trade clothes

  6. The Beautiful Intellect says:

    Do you know which companies these are?

  7. Julia Moriah says:

    you're so beautiful…i am so glad i came across your channel. thank you for putting this importation out.

  8. Michelle Tung says:

    LOVE YOUR VIDOE!! Keep up the good work <3

  9. Nordic Llama says:

    I think the saddest part is that we don't think about it. I will honestly say that when I have bought clothing, I have never stopped to think about where it came from.

  10. Earth Angel says:

    Great video, so pleased you have done so much research so you could make an informed decision. More people should do the same.

  11. Ariella C says:

    this is eye opening. I'm new to your channel and I am loving your being. thanks for sharing!!!!!

  12. Jade Evens says:

    I love your videos and you seem like such a beautiful soul <3 thank you and keep spreading the love!

  13. Paige McEldowney says:

    goodwill is a terrible company

  14. WeAreBullets says:

    my dad always says, "but if we dont buy their products then those poor ppl in the other countries wont have any jobs at all". that sounds like a good point but im sure its not completely true, i gotta check out this documentary, ive heard of it before but havent fully educated myself on the clothing industry yet except for how it relates to veganism. great video <3 thanks for sharing :))

  15. Camille D. says:

    I truly agree with you, and it's such a pity that people are not often (or always) aware of this sad truth!
    We can also buy second hand ~
    Have a nice weekend 🙂

  16. VeganVlogs says:

    Ive been wanting to watch this all day! You did not disappoint 🙂
    I really had no idea about this stuff and its pretty eye opening! Ive been trying to buy all organic cotton shirts shirts!

  17. Lasaan Jones says:

    This has a great message and a great video. And it was very insightful! Keep this great content going! And you look great too!

  18. HerLaughterSings says:

    Hey girl! eye opening as usual, I was just talking about you in my latest favorites video :)

  19. Gauerman says:

    you're one of the most inspiring and upbeat people I've ever seen! Great work!

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