FCE Writing Exam – 5 Steps to Write a Great Essay

Sunday, April 21, 2019

In this lesson you can learn how to write an essay for the Cambridge FCE exam, step by step.
You’ll see exactly what to do at each stage and how to get the best possible score.
There are four steps to the writing process. You’ll see what to do at each step, then you’ll learn how the writing is assessed.

See the full version of this lesson with text: https://www.oxfordonlineenglish.com/fce-writing-exam-essay.

1. How to Analyse Your FCE Essay Task 0:33
2. How to Plan Your FCE Writing 3:47
3. How to Write Your Answer 5:54
4. How to Check and Improve Your Answer 7:15
5. How to Improve Your Score 10:06

In this lesson, you’ll learn:
– How to understand the FCE Essay Writing task so you can create a good essay.
– Ways to plan what you will write in your FCE Essay.
– How to write the FCE Essay.
– Useful tips on how you can improve your FCE writing.
– The details of the FCE Essay Writing scoring system.

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