FCE Writing (Paper 2)

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Hello, welcome to the latest in our series of videos looking at the updated Cambridge English First or FCE exam which launches in 2015. My name’s Peter Travis from Flo-Joe and in this video we’re looking at Paper 2 – the Writing Paper.

The Writing Paper consists of two parts, Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 is a compulsory essay question whilst Part 2 offers you a choice of task types (an email or letter, a review, an article or report) and you have to choose one from a list of three. Let’s look at some sample questions from the Cambridge English First handbook.

OK here we’re looking at the Writing Paper in the FCE 2015 handbook which you can download from the Cambridge English website. As we’ve already noted, there are two parts, Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 is an Essay question which you must answer and it needs to be between 140-190 words. The essay task has a similar format:
It begins by setting the context for the essay, so in this case it explains that you’ve been discussing the environment in class and your teacher has asked you to write an essay.
You are given some notes and told to use all of them and also to give reasons for your point of view
In the notes section you have the essay question itself and then further down, the notes you need to use as well as a prompt to offer an idea of your own.

So that’s the Part 1 Essay question which you must answer.

If we turn to the next page in the handbook we’ll see Part 2 of the Writing paper. As we saw earlier, this contains three questions and you are required to choose one question to answer. As in Part 1, your answer needs to be between 140-190 words. The example tasks we can see here include a review, in this case a review of a book, here we have an article – this one’s about the most important thing you’ve ever learned and finally an email, in this case an email to a friend. The email task could also be a letter. One other task type that doesn’t appear here which you could be asked to write about is a report.

We’ll be posting a series of videos shortly to help you develop your writing skills but for the time being we have lots of useful Writing materials on the Flo-Joe website you may find useful.

We publish a free weekly writing task along with helpful hints and tips to give you ideas when planning your answer. Here you can see a ‘Letter of Application’ with ideas for writing listed below.

You’ll also find several interactive ‘Makeovers’. These are sample student answers with feedback from Flo-Joe. Here’s an example response to the Letter of Application we saw earlier.

There are exercises to help you with linking words plus quizzes to test your skills in using formal expressions when writing letters

That’s the end of this video. If you’d like further help with your Writing skills, subscribe to our Youtube channel to get notification when further videos are available.
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  1. Giovanni Fioritti says:

    hello, im taking the proficiency this coming up december. could you upload an essay and a review with prof level? i will gladly appreciate it

  2. Gratiela Adriana Stefan says:

    Could you tell me if the letter can be also a formal letter, or in this new type of the exam it's required only an informal letter or informal email? Thank you

  3. starkallerdyce says:

    Hello. I'm taking the fce examn next november or december. I'm not still quite sure. Is the exam going to be the same format as one year ago for example? Thanks in advance.

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