Finding articles for assignments in accounting theory

Thursday, May 26, 2016

This video tutorial navigates via Swinburne Library, the relevant databases (EBSCOhost, ProQuest etc.) to search for academic articles in accounting. Video originally created for the unit ACC8005, but applicable to other accounting units, where scholarly articles are required.

Created by: Jane O’Donnell (Swinburne Library)
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How should you be accounting for your inventory? Our Finance and Accounting Expert, Andrew Marder gives you a brief overview of the FIFO and LIFO methods.

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  1. Jorge Abreu says:

    Great presentation, so much better than my professor who apparently has 20 years of accounting experience.

  2. canna bliss says:

    fy fo , ly fo not fee fo

  3. Jarallah Al-Oraini says:


  4. gabrielf11 says:

    Thanks for the simple explanation. This video was extremely helpful.

  5. Mike Lewis says:

    Thanks for this. You helped me understand LIFO & FIFO much better

  6. Antoine de Bronac says:

    Great! Very simple

  7. squidb8 says:

    That was helpful thanks.

  8. misterbunga says:

    Very easy to understand, thanks.

  9. Ivan Ordonez says:

    Great & Simple Explanation

  10. Danny Penaloza says:

    Damn, Pretty Good! Helped me a lot for Accounting test.

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