Finding psychology articles

Saturday, February 18, 2017

On the Library homepage, you can select “Articles and Databases” in the left side menu to view a list of all of the electronic databases.
If you are working off-campus, you can access a full list of the library’s electronic article databases by logging into the mycommnet portal and selecting “my library info”and “Naugatuck Valley Community College Library”
We’ll be looking at a database called Academic Search Premier – it contains articles from a wide array of subject areas.
The advanced search page looks like this. It has an area for you to type in search terms, and some other options where you can apply limits to your search.
Choose a keyword based on the topic you are interested in studying. For example, “memory disorders.”
Putting your search terms in quotation marks will search for an exact phrase.
Choose “limit to peer review” so that your results are all articles from peer-reviewed journals.
Finally, click on “Search.”
Your results list will look like this. You can click on the title of an article to view the abstract, or summary, of that article. Click on the print button to print this information, including the abstract.
To obtain the full-text of the article, click on the “PDF full text” icon.

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