First Call Resolution: Customer Service

Sunday, December 31, 2017

First Call Resolutions, or FCR, is the backbone of proper and professional customer service. Agents and employees working at the inbound call center desk have to be careful about the issues that they are handling. The drive should be to solve the problems that crop up. And the call center agent must not stop at that. The agent has to probe deeper into the problem and check if the related issues are working well. BPO companies providing troubleshooting services are striving hard to meet this standard when they can clear out associated issues as well. That way, the distressed caller will not contact you again in the next 48 hours. When a call doesn’t come from the concerned caller with a related issue, the call is marked as FCR. The higher the FCR percentage, the better your call center services are working.


Let me demonstrate the above point with an example. It may be that you are facing some problems with your mobile phone. You call up the customer service number. At the end of the call center, that starts off the cycle. If you have made a call in the previous 48 hours or follow up with a call in the next 48 hours, the BPO company checks up the reason. If the reason is a related issue, it means that your call is not applicable as FCR. You may have called for a volume-related problem. The call center Answering Service agent answer your call asks you to check up your settings. You check if things are okay and hang up. However, it is the work of the call center agent to check for other issues that may have caused the volume problem. There are high chances that you may call up again complaining that your issue was not resolved. That is what call centers are trying to avoid.


First Call Resolutions are a benchmark for call centers. When you have a higher FCR, it means that you have trained your BPO agents well. It means they have access to knowledge banks that allow for accurate information dissemination. When you are not going for a high FCR, you have issues to take care of. It may be that you have not equipped your inbound call center agents with enough authority to resolve issues. Sometimes the micromanagement of the managers and team leaders lead to the agents being crippled in decision-making. When providing call center services on the trot, you cannot wait for someone higher up to tell you what to do. That is one area that call center units need to work on.


FCR ratios are a favorite with clients. Call center units achieving a high FCR would mean greater faith from the clients. You can bag better telemarketing projects when you have a high FCR. FCR is also important to maintain healthy relationships with your customers. Customers will bend towards brand loyalty and stick to your company when you resolve their issues on the very first instance. FCR builds up brand reputation and that is something that all modern business firms need.

We have a high FCR count in our customer service department. Because we deal with a global clientele and a high call volume, our inbound call center desk is particular about FCR.

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