‘Flexi-Brexit’: Theresa May asks EU to delay Article 50 until June 30

Saturday, April 13, 2019

The UK Prime Minister has written to the president of the European Council, asking for yet another Brexit delay, this time until June 30th.

Anastasia Churkina reports on what Theresa May hopes will be her bargaining chip. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/9rjz

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  1. Kenneth Rayner says:

    Drain the stagnent swamp of these tretcherous lying corrut bastards labour cons and libs at next elections ? VOTE UKIP

  2. Rob Thomson says:

    No right for an extension article 50 sets out the leave date and that passed on the 29th, all illegal for her to wing it like this all to line her own pocket

  3. isobar says:

    She is once, twice , 108 times a liar……….

  4. Dave Lee says:

    Mass strikes close the country down its going to the shitter anyway with all this messing about .

  5. Anon Wibble says:

    T May is trying to get kicked out of the EU with no deal, she's a good girl. We need a list of politicians who blocked no deal and they need to be voted out.

  6. Steve Hillier says:


  7. Acme633 says:

    "Flexi Brexit" would eventually mean no Brexit

  8. Point Of No Return says:

    here in the US we have a phrase that best describes Theresa May the phrase is skank bimbo

  9. John Brighton says:

    they speculated on young family housing until they bust their own banks.
    this place is out of control. they have no comprehension of what a nation is.

  10. Mona Moore says:

    Don't let nationalism republican right wing red pills destroy Europe

  11. Michelle Parker says:

    Hate this broad and I don't even live in the UK.

  12. ian ball says:

    No extension. Its a con and the people will strike even 80% of france.

  13. ian ball says:

    A deal we leave under wto terms now thats the deal. She is a clown. Puppit from hell.

  14. ian ball says:

    Av got a sore head can qe have more time. Bloody nutter con. Tramp

  15. Richard Barrett says:

    I ask for the termination of Teresa May as PM instead

  16. TheHead9999 says:

    Tony Blair wrecked Iraq, This compromised/bought crook is wrecking our country. Blair should be in the Hague, this one should be in the Tower.

  17. Roy Rj says:

    She shouldn't have asked for the first extension. Let's withhold their wages as we the public tax payer pay it, all leave voters are not being represented in parliament so no tax without representation.

  18. Derek Tomlinson says:

    Brussels have shown themselves obvious little twats they are as in little fish, people are wide awake to the manipulations.

  19. benavrahamyitzchak says:

    Filibuster to the highest degree. This shows the public has no control over world governments. This is democracy?

  20. Mary Clynch says:

    That professor has just answered my question.
    She's using Corbyn to put Con mps feet to the 🔥fire.
    It won't work !It's like that speech she gave trashing mps.
    It's turning more and more mps against her rotten deal !
    DUP and ERG will save the day, some how.

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