Flexible Solar Panels – What To Look For

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Flexible Solar Panels - What To Look For

I have had the chance to use and test a few different flexible solar panels over the years. Here’s a few tips to help you when buying solar panels online for your RV or boat.

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HQST Solar Panels: http://amzn.to/2a8FJpr
Lensun Solar Panels: http://amzn.to/2cGIQUa
Flexible Solar Panels on Amazon: http://amzn.to/29wSOJf
Solar Panel Extension Cables: http://amzn.to/2cDU6lf



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  1. Chris Weaver says:

    Thank you for the very informative overview and product descriptions. Very helpful and much appreciated. thx.

  2. BROWN JASON says:

    What a great view while you work. I've watched two of your videos and I like them!

  3. Amy Idom says:

    I just installed these same panels last week. How often do you clean your solar panels?

  4. James Weld says:

    Thanks for all the info very helpful !!! I'm going to be putting some panels on my truck.

  5. sharyn ransom says:

    Here’s a guide that teaches how to build a homemade solar panel and wind turbine at a very low cost. https://twitter.com/5fr6tqzt1kdr/status/792250078006087680 It also claims to reduce 80%-100% of your electric bill*.

  6. Mhugzs Mezhia says:

    I used to enjoy your channel but I'm starting to see that you are getting some kickbacks for hyping these flexible panels. Promoting Lensun Panels in another video. People watch your videos to gain some insight, not to be sold on solar technology that is more than twice the cost of conventional panels. I can understand if you're limited on roof space, but you have plenty. No reason to justify the cost or known limitations of flexible panels.

  7. Ben says:

    I've tried the HQST and the Lensun. Not a fan of the cheap, small, non-weatherproof junction box, or the stiff, not-thinly-stranded wires on the HQST. I also found that the surface of the panel warps and shows the bumps from the internals when exposed to lots of sunlight. Just seems flimsy! – Lensun, on the other hand are like the BMW of solar panels. They feel sturdy and well built, weatherproof, nicer wiring, and the junction box orients the wires in a more desirable way, IMO. Go with Lensun. Hands down.

  8. Terry Brown says:

    TITO I am put together a solor system and have changed my battery set up to two 6 volt batteries, my question is can you send me a link to how you started your change over . how to conect your batteris to solar . i want to use two 100 watt panels to start, can you help me get in the rigt direction?

  9. jay super says:

    Bought the Renogy portable suitcase 100 watt (Amazon $279). I like the idea of portable because when camping off the grid I can park the RV in the shade ( to keep the RV cooler in the summer) and move the panel to a sunny spot. Worked very well for our Alaska trip to keep the RV trailers battery charged up. They come with a 15' cable, I made up a extra 10' section to be able to move to a sunny spot.

  10. Chateau Sport 24-T says:

    Thanks Brian for this video. I have been looking around Amazon for RV Solar Kits. Remembered this video so I viewed it again. I will get ahold of this company tomorrow to see if they offer a whole kit from panels to inverters and everything in between.

  11. RVgeeks says:

    Thanks for the great overview, Brian. It's amazing how much there is to know.

  12. Whats GoingOn says:

    The size of semi flex panels are much smaller then regular framed panels .

  13. Dennis Mayfield says:

    great video

  14. David Good says:

    Thanks for the video. We're looking at solar, so this helped us.

  15. alzathoth says:

    what's the point of flexible fixed panels, when you can't tilt them towards the sun?

  16. Dave White says:

    Well next you should mention the charge controllers and the bennies of MPPT type. How they squeeze a little more wattage out of a panel. If you remember I bought the last of the Unisolar flexible adhesive types like your first install from Amazon. Now my whole roof is a solar panel with several different brands. The bummer was, I had to keep upgrading my controller.
    Great video and very informative

  17. Robert Polito says:

    I have 4 100 watts Flexible Solar Panels on my mini van.

  18. Phil Chew says:

    I've got two of these 100 watt flexible panels on my class B pleasure way. Love them and they can't be seen from the street due to how flat and light they are.  They are light enough to use a commercial double stick tape or a good roof cement.  You don't have to put screws through the grommets and I've driven them past 75 MPH and high winds with no problems.  The only drawback is that they are usually permanently mounted flat and give peak energy when the sun is high.  Being able to raise rigid  panels to aim towards the sun can give as much as 40 % more power. So therefore if you need maximum power these may not be the best choice.  I however am pleased with the lower power output design flat on the roof.

  19. Edward Hall says:

    We have and uses 1000w of the HQST that we carry as an additional ground array of we want to supplement the 2450W on the roof of the RV.

  20. Stim Racing Trailer and Travels says:

    We have a lot of hail in my area. I mean A lot! Do the plastic boxes on the panel look like it will hold up?
    Great video. Thank you for sharing. I could have saved a lot of weight not using the traditional glass panels.

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