Food articles for Diabetics

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Food articles that can be included in the diet of Diabetics.

During a recent plant-based physician conference, we asked several medical doctors about the leading sources of health / medical misinformation in the news this year. For more original vegan health content, please visit us at:
In the news today there is a growing amount of negative press that makes it difficult for consumers to decide what is real and what is not. Fake news, or what it used to be called propaganda has increasingly become a tool for big dairy and the meat industry to confuse the consumer. Plant Based News sat down with many health thought leaders and got the inside scoop on the key health myths of 2017.

Dr Neal Barnard, Dr Michael Greger, Dr Pam Popper to name a few. Healthy Eating is something you would assume was simple to understand, but the increasing number of fake articles and fake news being put out creates doubt. Vegan Diets, clean eating and whole food plant-based diets have been accused of being fad diets. Internet celebrity clinicians like zdogg have been seen to produce hyperbolic youtube videos allegedly ‘debunking’ What The Health, the recent popular Netflix film which takes a direct aim at the animal agriculture industry.

Doubt is our product said the tobacco industry, the food industry has done the same and follows the same tactics.

Edited by Brian Hernandez | Produced by Klaus Mitchell




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  1. Liza Vandamme says:

    This is so moving. I wish my parents could open their eyes to this and prolong their life

  2. Karl Hungus says:

    I'm on-board with eating more whole plant foods, but can anyone offer some insight into how much (if any) of it should be cooked? From my limited understanding, cooking can help make some of the nutrition more assimilable. However, heat can also damage some of the nutrients. Dr. Fuhrman suggests to eat half raw and half cooked. However, Dr. Thomas Lodi (among others) suggests that we should eat (and juice/blend) our fruits and vegetables raw. Now, Dr. Lodi runs an 'alternative' cancer clinic, so he's working with people who are facing serious challenges. However, it would seem like we should follow the same 'diet,' no matter if sick or well. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  3. Lily pad says:

    Lovvveee this viddddddd!?

  4. QuoteZ says:

    Keto is not fake news!!

    Coconut, avocado, olive oil,???????

  5. Jack Kennard says:

    So far I have never seen a diet that has people pay attention and take responsiblity for their own health & diet. Everyone wants to sell something. Once people start eating a plant-based diet it's easy to say WOW look at how my health has changed. But if they were paying attention, earlier we(USA) would not be in the health situation it's in now.

  6. Durianrider Cycling Tips says:

    more confusion and contradictory statements to confuse noob vegans. good work bro! #not

  7. White Kita says:

    such a great video….thanks for making it! ???

  8. Kathy Allzem says:

    Steps to my healing. 1) Trauma 2) Facing my own BS-became self aware 3) Heal my soul 3) Learn to love myself 4) Feel like I deserve to feel better 5) Heal mind, then body through wfpb & exercise. It took most of my adult life to get here, so I don't try to change people or tell them they're eating wrong but every now & then I am asked. 🙂

  9. j- the-isso says:

    It's amazing how the western world has become so far removed from nature that they romanticise about how we should be "peaceful" herbivores. Herbivores are not peaceful where I come from in Africa. In fact, they are some of the most savage needless killers on the planet. They kill for sex, kill for territory, kill because you intruded on the personal space, kill their own offspring, or kill because they're just in a bad mood. When you see death in nature like I did growing up, the concept of Veganism just sounds like an infantile outlook on reality.

  10. UseOrDie says:

    I was on a carb free diet and I shed so much weight, it was like I could not stop it nomatter how much I ate.

  11. fatlesswharf says:

    im not against vegans, and im doing alot less meat to none, but dont bash Keto diet beacuse it does work! ive been doing it for 6 months now with IF and ive never felt better in my life. i still do mostly vegetables anyway and healthy fats, im not one of those ppl that do the whole "85%" fat every day because thats propostorous, but fats ARE good for you, you DONT need dairy or meat..i do believe that for sure, but Keto does work for millions of ppl! Power to the ppl!!!

  12. HopeSingh says:


  13. Ashly says:

    Everything makes you fat if you over eat. Why does this carbs don't make you fat keep getting repeated. The point is whole plants prepared without adding fat, sugar, salt etc are low calorie nutrition dense and good for you to manage calories.

  14. spybubbble says:

    I'm so glad I had the pleasure to hear Dr. Lim speak at the Kaiser in Santa Rosa, he's so nice and had a lot of good information.
    I also don't like Dr. Oz, he flips flops too much. First he's supporting this lifestyle then that one. Like, do your research and stick to a lifestyle to preach about with the most accurate data.

  15. I Burger says:

    This is an amazing video Claus!
    I am so happy you were selected to go o the healthy lifestyle expo – no-one would've utilized their time there as well as you!

  16. Sariku says:

    confusion is the name of the game, but plant based is the way to go.

  17. Freediver HD says:

    very cheap shot are durianrider…….

  18. Casey Edwards says:

    Another round of starch for all my friends! Health and happiness thru WFPB! Great Vid!

  19. toavm says:

    What my eyes see is not fake news. Dr. Barnard shows an extreme underweight wonder if that's healthy. .

  20. Fruiture Ⓥ says:

    @8:21 TOM Shieff 😀 aka Tim Shieff

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