Formatting Textbroker Articles 2019

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Formatting Textbroker Articles 2019

Formatting Textbroker Articles 2019

Most of your articles will require some kind of formatting like h1 tags h2 tags, bold, italic, hyperlinked text, bulleted and numbered lists.

This is a brief tutorial on how to do these formats both inside and outside of the Textbroker article submission box.

You can actually do most of these basic HTML formats by hand if you write your articles in Notepad or Word first before uploading them to Textbroker, and I show you how to do that.

Formatting Textbroker Articles 2019

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  1. John Jones says:

    So, you can’t just format in Word and paste?

  2. Momma Lunn says:

    Thank you (:

  3. Momma Lunn says:

    Please do a follow up (: ! Also am I able to send you my sample article that I am going to submit to textbroker so you can tell me what needs to be Improved? I really want to get the job (:

  4. Momma Lunn says:

    Can you show how to format articles and how to write an article for the sample? I am interested in doing this, but I am struggling with how to make the sample article.

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