Forming A Government – Articles of Confederation VS The Constitution

Monday, January 30, 2017

Trimester 1 Notes 5 – In these notes I give a brief overview of The Articles of Confederation and the need for a Second Constitutional Convention. These notes were created for my Middle School 8th Grade US History class and these notes work well with Chapter 4 of:
Deverell, William, and Deborah G. White. Holt United States History. California Teacher’s ed. Orlando, Fla.: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 2006. Print.

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Are your progressive friends correct to say the US Constitution is not a limited government document after all? Bill Watkins joins me to discuss both the Constitution and the Articles of Confederation, and what the light of history can tell us about each. Subscribe to the Tom Woods Show:
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  1. lightcaesar says:

    Send the constitution back to the hell pit, whence it came. Return complete sovereignty to all 50 states.

  2. Frank Smith says:

    Just discovered this podcast. love it.

  3. Funky Euphemism says:

    THANK YOU! I sent you an email a couple months ago asking you about the articles confederation as having been something like an ideal libertarian constitution for the limited government (not lack of government based like an-cap). I didn't think it was something likely to be discussed by a fine libertarian spokesman like yourself. Love it!

  4. Mark Powls says:

    Tom, isn't it true that the president doesn't become the "Commander in Chief" until war has been officially "DECLARED"? So, should we NOT call the "President" our "commander in chief" until war has been officially declared? Isn't this another example of our problem with executive branch working outside the framework of the power delegated by the states in the u.s. constitution?

  5. Mark Powls says:

    Tom, isn't Congress involved in the Amendment process in the Article V Convention process? THEY think they (Congress) thinks so.

  6. Mark Powls says:

    Very GOOD discussion. Thank You!

  7. Chris “cmares58” Mares says:

    Lets bring back the AntiFederalist party!!! who's with me!

  8. Étienne de La Boétie says:

    Treaties cannot supersede the constitution. I've heard this argument a few times in the last few days. The word "treaty" in the constitution does not mean what people think it means. The constitution cannot dissolve itself…

  9. cletus223 says:

    Here's a question I haven't seen brought up: could either retaining the Articles of Confederation or the Confederacy winning the war led to a foreign takeover (most likely British)? The British could have implemented a divide and conquer strategy. Either special trade deals for New York or the New England states or naval protection for southern states. The closest to a counter I've seen for this is that the British lost the revolution, but that's when the colonies were united and we know that Yankee elites developed a close relationship with the British in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

  10. National Liberty Party says:

    it's interesting that we had tyranny as early as the 1790s. people like to paint the forefathers as all liberty minded and against over arching government but this clearly was not the case with all of them.

  11. magnus4g63 says:

    There is statism and there is freedom, the two cannot coexist #voluntaryism #taxationistheft

  12. Robb Kemp says:

    great show as always!

    Tom, I have heard you say that you have not wanted to create content relating to your personal religious beliefs. I understand.

    I would however love to see a video or read an piece where you talk about objective morality and God.

    I can imagine you would be able to lay it out very well.
    It is very difficult to find well written (and sharable) material about this key subject, and to be honest I've been more than curious for a while now what you would say about it.

    i won't get my hopes up though :)

  13. Sukrit Sabhlok says:

    in particular does derosa think the confederacy lost the war because their constitution was too decentralised (and did they even follow it or did they ignore it due to 'military necessity')

  14. Sukrit Sabhlok says:

    please interview marshall derosa about the confederate constitution

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