Fostering Globalization

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The term globalization is not new in digital marketing. But now with reducing barriers among countries in digital marketing, companies, agencies and consultancies need to adopt certain ways to customize and localize their products and services to meet needs of 1.8 billion worldwide users. Like

–  Market: first and foremost thing is to identify digital target market, their geographical, demographical and psycho graphical variations ranging from their income, household size to language they speak. Companies can’t make their product without thorough analysis of their customers and consumers.

–  Research: digital marketing websites of many countries are in their native language, thus digital marketers find it difficult to get information. Google research consultancy can be of great help because of its unique features of translator and AD Words.

–  Web presence: companies need to localize their digital marketing website either by finding subdirectories, get hold of local domain systems or by sub domains within each country. There is another way by keeping translator option in case of catering to same language speaking market. Also in case of only one country, company must go for localize site first and then developing language.

– Content: proper digital marketing analysis also helps in building better website, the content to be added is also decided upon the results of the market analysis, recommended chosen language is English but companies can also take into account other languages.

–  Message conveyance: to make sure that correct message is delivered and taken by every country through digital marketing medium, translator’s software installation is a wise option otherwise any native language speaker could be of great help.

–  Web page look: success of any website in digital marketing also depends upon the design of web pages. Culture and language of each country determines the possible combination of design and content used. Google has to make different web page for Asian market because the one which worked in Western countries was not liked by Asians markets.

–  Search Engine: many search engines agencies tend to rank the search results in more or less the same way. Here before launching your web page, make sure you take professional advice from SEO, who is specialize in each country about the possible usage of content ranking.

–  Web Tools: with Google country specific web tool, content is specified to be used for any specific users in particular country. But in case of directories and sub domain, separate sites have to be installed and used.

–  Make Presence: to make presence felt in digital marketing, many different sites have to be taken from country to country so when search results come, your web page ends up getting better ranking.

–  Inquiring: there should be someone to take all questions posed on digital marketing site.

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