From “De-pressed” to “Deep Rest”: Depression as a Call to Spiritual Awakening? – Jeff Foster

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jeff Foster talks about seeing depression from an ‘awakened’ perspective. His popular article on depressive breakdown, suicide and spiritual awakening can be found here:

“We can view depression not as a mental illness, but on a deeper level, as a profound, and very misunderstood, state of deep rest, entered into when we are completely exhausted by the weight of our own false story of ourselves. It is an unconscious loss of interest in the second-hand — a longing to ‘die’ to the false…” – Jeff Foster

Jeff’s website is

Dr. Blaylock talks with Gary Null about Vaccinations and inflammation and Dr. Blaylock’s article titled: Vaccines, Depression and Neurodegeneration After Age 50.

Dr. Blaylock’s article can be read here:-
Vaccines, Depression and Neurodegeneration After Age 50
By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., CCN

There is a compelling amount of scientific research showing that over-vaccinating especially the elderly and infants is destructive to the brain due to overstimulating the immune system and also due to vaccine ingredients which aggravate the immune system.

It is known that as we get older the immune system begins to overactivate. Pro inflammatory cytokines which cause brain destruction begin to rise over the age of 50. Ages 75-80 they really peak at even higher levels. This is the reason why there are much more cases of diseases among the elderly such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, joint problems, allergic reactions, auto-immune disorders as well as neurodegenerative diseases such as alzheimers and parkinson’s disease.

Chronic inflammation causes an activation of the brain’s special immune system which communicates with the body’s immune system. The brain’s immune system is regulated by microglia cells. These cells are normally in a resting state, but once they become activated they become destructive and secrete inflammatory cytokines and excitotoxins such as glutamate and quinolinic acid. Vaccinations can cause this process to happen, especially among the elderly and young children whose immune system’s are very delicate.

This same process can cause depression. There is a very strong scientific explanation as to why overstimulating the immune system can cause depression. When the microglia is activated, it triggers the secretion of glutamate. Research has shown that major depression is strongly correlated to glutamate levels in the brain. The higher the glutamate the worse the depression.
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  1. Katherine K says:

    So Wise

  2. estrellafugaz17 says:

    Enlightening and relieving.. Thank you for your sincerity :)

  3. Maria Hetlelid says:

    Thank you Jeff <3

  4. nakedwon says:

    Wonderful Jeff, THANK-YOU so much.

  5. nathan p says:

    should have stopped at the science and the chemical of the brain… man universities need students like you. my sister tells me this all of the time. phsycology needs this type of new branch to begin to explore new territory for science… If you or I studied the science and all the views of depression and mental illnesses and the brain. not to many kids who "want" to join science wants to explore these types of views because the they just want to use what's there allready. mainstream universities look for students to break new grounds and you obviously have the potential and everyone underestimates themselves. don't change the underground that's just small change you want to change the minds of the future.

  6. Paul Baichoo says:

    Thankyou :)

  7. Calvin Hobbes says:

    Gotta get desperate and let go….. of self

  8. Calvin Hobbes says:

    Thank you, I'm going thru it now. and all the symbolical theories can be partially true to each and any individual. Breakdowns definitely bring major change as we fall down like the scaffolding of a building and are built back up into eternal selflessness. Us is Victorious. those who wish to save their lives will lose it. We have to stop holding onto the things Christ whispers into our ears, warnings and directions and after a while He screams to alert us , so we can return to Eden again. Animal eating is the largest practice that lowers our sense of spiritual destination and original plan. It shows that we are putting others under us. and our life is more important than Christs creatures, genesis 1:27

  9. Sejus Mai says:

    hello jeff i was wandering if you could give me you're thoughts on the state of not wanting to live but definately not wanting to die. as it is a pain in the arse and most non dual stop doesn't help but seems to hinder. Thanks

  10. Live Light with Alex Kip says:

    Amazing video! Way to go!!

  11. Arielle Jishnu says:

    Ive suffered from depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember.  Is there something that teaches us how to make the shift from fighting it to accepting it?  Its simple enough to say this is what you need to do, but how does one actually do it?  How do I start to come out of the darkness that has forever threatened to swallow me alive, how do I accept that?

  12. omnpresentevidence says:

    Yes all true but how to stop those thoughts scenario's of a separate "I". OR more  to the point how stop taking them to be reality. All he says rings true but does not stop the identity, if it were simply being ,false,or pretending then we could  do that but its not like that we so conditioned . I do agree with what he is saying but if I don't feel it if it is not felt as home,home is my small identified persona and its scared to leave home. AAAAAARRRRRRHHHH

  13. Rico Lucky says:

    I saw your post I think you will love this!

  14. Viviana Geurten says:

    Thank you, so clear! Authenicity energizes. I developed The Diamond Process® with the essence of Developing Authenicity, Discover your Authentic Life Purpose and Master your Authenticity. Rest (feminine energy) is part of Nature and we are part of Nature. Think about all the seasons…our body, mind, soul, heart…need to BE, rest….as an essential part of our process.  Wonderful video Jeff. Namaste, Viviana (

  15. smg ka says:

    I really liked the way you frame things , your ideas are really wonderful. I am going to reflect over all you said. Although very irrelevant but I really like your hair 😀 Beautiful color and shine, I was distracted 😛 

  16. Dylan Carter says:

    Depression actually being a waning interest in my false self, this false life – YES. And the exhaustion, the utter exhaustion. I've tried every self-help and therapy known and no one and no thing has ever summed it up better than this guy. Really grateful…just watching this video I felt my entire body unclench – as it has never done without the 'aid' of some agent (e.g. alcohol, etc.).

  17. Nita Tarr says:

    “I picked up this book after taking an overdose with suicidal intent. I had suffered with depression and suicidal feelings since the age of 12.  I had tried turning away from God, but found only fleeting satisfaction, but when I sought God, found myself crippled with fear and confused about why I was failing in my spiritual walk. I felt unable to keep up appearances to fit in with other Christians.  From the moment I opened this book, I felt it speak deeply into my heart. It is as though the author knows me personally, and she speaks in real and honest terms about common experiences.  It has saved my life.” – Read ‘Suicidal Christians’ a book by Nita Tarr.

  18. Rich “Hawaiiankings1” K says:

    There is many reasons why Big Pharma is a billion dollar industry

    The people that run this Pharmaceutical companies like Monsanto's

  19. eyeOOsee says:

    Dr. Blaylock, thankyou so much for sharing this, as well as all of the other videos you post. You are a pillar of strength and common sense in this truly messed up world!!

  20. GABRIEL Angel says:

    Also member Judicial Watch DC

  21. GABRIEL Angel says:


  22. Sunmee Woo says:

    Great information Doc, thanks…

  23. tomtomandt says:

    Hi, I have a mild positive ANA, moderate hsCRP (1.8 mg/L) and high Lp-PLA2 (236.2 ng/mL. I have had really bad panic attacks and I actually had a heart attack which I did not realize I had because my panic attacks are so severe they feel like I'm having a heart attack. I have severe hip arthritis which my doctor thinks may contribute to the high inflammation markers in my blood. Do you have any dietary recommendations that would help me? I am also low in Vitamin D despite large doses of 50,000 units every other week.

  24. Abel Danger says:

    Vaccines, Depression & Neurodegeneration – Dr. Blaylock on The Gary Null Show

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