Fundamental Rights | Articles 12 to 35 Telugu

Thursday, December 21, 2017

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  1. Rekha Nadipudi says:


  2. Veeranjaneyulu Girishala says:

    It is very useful

  3. Katherapalle saikumarReddy says:

    sir i take time to understand the content…………
    if u don't mind would u please explain the content in normal language…..
    hope so my request would be taken into consideration ?

  4. Sudarshan M says:

    Bagundi dude…

  5. Gontla Swetha says:

    Very nice HowTO preparedsc

  6. palapati aruna says:

    e vdo naku chala useful aye vdo sir tnq u

  7. sreeni t says:

    anna nuv great…goodclass

  8. Naresh Putti says:

    class is clear but backgroud music distabens avutundi plz tagginchandi

  9. nagraj nagraj says:

    extraordinary sir

  10. p.s jagan says:

    sir can u upload constitutional bodys and non constitutional bodys?…. please…..
    ur explanation and way of teaching excellent

  11. sarath yeduvaka says:

    your containing huge stuff but reduce editing &time period

  12. Kaseem Jalam says:

    how is it possible more information gathering sir

  13. Hindiwala Hindiwala says:

    what is the source meterial/book of ur preparation sir.
    great analysis​ sir

  14. Hindiwala Hindiwala says:

    Great effort
    keep uploading regularly

  15. naresh reddy says:

    indialo pradhamika akkulu perke unnai

  16. mana telugu says:

    super sar

  17. Raghava boya says:

    sir your teaching is very excellent..

  18. prem kumar says:

    chala bagundhi sir but anni topics levu plz economy topics kuda pettandhi sir.

  19. Narasapu krishnaveni248 says:

    Super sir teaching nice clear explaination sir thanks

  20. bopparaju ravanaiah says:

    మి విడివోలు చాలబాగునఇ

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