GCSE English Language: Writing An Article

Saturday, April 6, 2019

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  1. benclark06 says:

    this was useful, thanks for the help

  2. Junaid Hussain says:

    a bit late but got my paper 2 tomorrow, can we add made – up statistics in the articles??

  3. V A N I L L A S A D B O I says:

    I'm in uni and they want us to write an article :/

  4. Ral Ibe says:

    I think I did It wrong instead of an article i wrote a formal letter

  5. Angel gamer Xx says:

    Will I lose marks without a staplines.

  6. Your Girl Aliya says:

    An article for a newspaper! On sport!

  7. zahir khan says:

    So strap line is like a prologue in Romeo and Juliet

  8. Unicorn Power says:

    can you do one on the welsh examboard- WJEC EDQUAS (yeah I know, its strange!) and also, is this video specifically stated at aqa students?

  9. Ibrahim Hussain says:

    Whats ur email mr.bruff. I want to email you my answer to an article in question, please. 🙂 pls respond!

  10. Xxxx X says:

    But does an article for a broadsheet have to be formal? Like can you use emotive language and rhetorical questions if it is supposed to be formal?

  11. h h says:

    Is this the same as writing a report(as that is what my teacher says) or is this a separate thing?

  12. Ahmad Alloush says:

    you need to upgrade you're recording quality mate

  13. The billy baby show says:

    For example how the literature papers are going to be marked or advice

  14. The billy baby show says:

    Mrbruff are you going to do the tips again for the 2018 exams

  15. Holly says:

    has anyone brought the Mr Bruffs Ebook? thinking of getting it but would like to know if its worth while as i already have the CGP boo

  16. Rachel Chan says:

    Hi mr buff would you lose any mark if there's no subheadings on it?

  17. Antonia Nicola says:

    For the english language paper one I tried to be original and include both section ( the bus and the people from two different worlds )for section b paper 1 and I look back at it and it looks like I miss read the question so how many marks/grades would I lose on that

  18. Isabella Gomez says:

    I wish this video existed when i took my paper 2 exam.

  19. AHLLIAH Tamb says:

    Thank you sooooo much , I'm definitely going to love this mini series

  20. xX_MLG_DANK_BOI_Xx says:

    Drop a diss track on the sidemen

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