GCSE Language: How to write the perfect report

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Follow the simple steps, practise and you should have no problem achieving an A*.
Use the link below to access past exam questions:
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  1. off flex says:

    I got an A for my English thank you Soo much ❤️

  2. Rit Patel says:

    This helped me… I have english today

  3. Habiba Wael says:

    You are talking too quickly

  4. Awet Yebrh says:


  5. cianna xo says:

    Does this structure work for the new GCSE sounds stupid I know but exam boards are constantly changing their minds about what they want

  6. Musab Qaiser says:

    what about reporting an event that has passed
    like a school trip

  7. Gowri Unnikrishnan says:

    I have my review tomorrow, and this was really helpful, and I feel a lot more confident. Thank you!

  8. Andi Qerkezi says:

    what sort of ending should we have? Please reply, exam tomorrow?

  9. John Holme says:

    Is "Big Fish Carry Rods" too basic for an A*?

  10. Nana Blue says:

    You have explained how important it is to proofread your work at the end. Please make sure to proofread the slides of your PowerPoint. 7.28 "What do young children and teenagers think about the current facilities in pace" should be "What do young children and teenagers think about the current facilities in PLACE".

  11. Callum Thomas says:

    My English teacher has taught us differently to how you structure your review. We've been taught that if you're writing to an audience then the structure of the report should be set out like a letter without the addresses but if your writing to an editor for example, then the report should be set out like an article. Do you think this is correct?

  12. The Doctor says:

    My English teacher gave of this instead of teaching us. We spend a whole lesson doing nothing so now I have to make notes on this as homework and I have a test about this tomorrow… school sucks.

  13. Kevin Abe says:

    @The English Teacher is it okay to make up data while my paper clearly stated that i need to base your report on what you have read in the passage and support your ideas with evidence fro the passage

  14. Davies gaming 95 says:

    Cheers your videos really help me

  15. Josh Ayres says:

    lol you like football, don't you?

  16. Kajal S says:

    i have a doubt, can i use an 'i' i mean, myself in the report?

  17. Hadiqa H says:

    can u help me write a review on an holiday for english language paper

  18. Jalico Rabisa says:

    Very helpful channel!!

  19. Eldronyx says:

    Thank you very much for this, a report came up in the WJEC paper and this helped a ton!

  20. Men Bullan says:

    why do you always use that shite comparison about trapping a ball, no one does that

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