General Minor Instrument Tray

Sunday, July 7, 2019

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  1. Jeet Shukla says:

    I think when you told name of instruments so the name of instrument in screen….

  2. Shweta Ghadge says:

    Thank you for this video. It's helpful for me too.. just a request, can u make video on cardiac instruments like instruments used in cabg, avr, vsd closure, asd closure. With each instruments names shown on screen in your video. Pic.

  3. qasimraza qasimraza says:

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  4. Samantha Harrington says:

    Hello first I want to thank you for making this video! Secondly I have a very important question to ask pertaining to being a surgical technician. So I have a stutter, do you think that would hinder me from getting a job/career as a surgical technician if I had my certification and hands on training?

  5. Nelli Russo says:

    Good for SPD tech course too.

  6. Khalid Mehmood says:

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  7. waqar ayub says:

    Anyone who want to buy these instruments please feel free to contact at below email

  8. Phương Vũ says:

    tbis is just what doctor order

  9. Jessie Stewart says:

    what does it mean when you apply for a surgical technologist position and it says processing status pending

  10. hafizinam ulhaq says:


  11. Likamed Instruments says:

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  12. Light Up The Dark says:

    for those of you who don't know. He has contaminated all those once sterile instruments for you. Thank SPT ; )

  13. Deepu Rajpoot says:

    Sir plz Hindi video bhi banaiye na

  14. Olakede Mude says:

    Its Not Full Set !!!!

  15. Senyora Juana says:

    Can you demonstrate how you prepare your instruments in your mayo table if you are the scrub nurse (major and minir operation)

  16. Paul Mcnevin says:

    Good job 👍
    Have you got any videos on curculating/ healthcare assistant roles?
    For example doing the counts, bacerialology/ histology tissue samples etc.

  17. Tyshay Williams says:

    Can you please do other trays.?

  18. Tyshay Williams says:

    Thank you so much!!! Next time can you please put the name of the instrument across the screen? Great video

  19. Ratul Ahmed says:

    i am a software developer and i don't know why i am curious enough to watch your videos. 😄 well explained

  20. Always Loyal says:

    I needed this video still Learning instruments 👍🏽👍🏽

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