Genetic Hair Loss Treatment

Thursday, August 17, 2017

There are three genetic options which I am going to talk about here used for the treatment of hair loss. They are namely oral medication, hair transplants and hair weaves and pieces.

1. The use of oral medication
There are a few genetic oral medications you can take to stop hair loss. They are namely hair again, propecia, provillus, profollica etc. You should talk it out with a doctor to ascertain if this kind of treatment is adequate for you.

Buy the oral medication online and take it as recommended by the producers. What this type of medications does is to stop the effects of the male hormones referred to as androgen and stop genetic hair loss. They have been proven to aid stop hair loss and boost re-growth in up to 80% of patients who used them after 3 months.

2. The use of hair transplants

The second genetic option is the use of hair transplants. Talk to an expert in this field and only work with a renowned firm. Try to carry out some research on the firm and enquire to get real results or references.

Hair transplants works by removing tiny plugs out of your hair from a region of the scalp which still has hair growth. The region is usually the scruff of the neck at the bottom hairline. This process normally needs several sessions, the results are often stable and it appears natural when it is done properly.

3. The use of hair weaves and pieces

Perform a careful search to discover a renowned expert in either hair weaving procedures or fitting hair pieces. The use of hair pieces can be a fast and pain-free method to tackle hair loss. It should be done to appear natural and match with your existing hair.

Be certain that the specialist will custom-make the weaves to give a natural appearing hairline. Hair weaves fitted in a surgical manner can appear natural. Employ deliberate cleaning practices to avert scalp problems. Apply the tips given by the practician to care for your hair. Adequate cleaning of the hair piece will have to be carried out to make it appear fine.

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