GERMAN LESSON 10: Awesome Hints on how to Guess German Articles ??

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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Learn German Articles | Der, Die or Das? | Grammar Lesson

You want to learn German? First you need to learn about the German articles! Knowing when to use der, die and das is essential since many grammatical rules only make sense to you when you know which article certain words have. Articles can be frustrating to learn but are important nevertheless! In this video you will learn all of the German articles and find out why they are essential when it comes to learning my language.

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  1. Fazal Alam says:

    der Resturant
    die Bäckerei

  2. mirwais quraishizazai says:


  3. mirwais quraishizazai says:

    love you so much der Ania

  4. Aminolah Farzad says:

    Sehr gut, danke für deine helfen ?

  5. Diego Garzon says:

    Der Preis, Die Hörerschaft, Das Lagerfeuer.

  6. MKRM27 says:

    Just say "Der" every time, quickly. If that fails… resort to English.

  7. Muktar Nuur says:

    Danke für deine Hilfe Ania

  8. Nirmal Mondal says:

    die lebendige Lehrerin; CUTE,

  9. Davo tewedaj says:

    that was healpfull dankeshön

  10. Kebron Tito says:

    Ich gehe in die schule

  11. Kebron Tito says:

    Das mädchen ist schön

  12. Kebron Tito says:

    der mann schläft

  13. Hanoona Hanoona says:

    gut gemacht DANKE?

  14. Bilqis MirBaig says:

    die Zähne
    der sommer
    das schwimmen

  15. Nikolai Popev says:

    der Schriftsteller, die Molkerei, das Gehirn :)

  16. Ευάγγελος Νασίου says:

    Das Hänchen , Das Zimmer
    Der Elektroherd ; Der Fahrlehrer
    Die Marmelade, Die Verkäuferin

    USW : Let give you a tip as a Greek ( because we also have three genters on our nouns. Try to learn and use the nouns with ther article and there plural and use them as mutch as you can. Rules are not just good. They are awsome but you also need to do that thing specially in the begining.

    Thank you Ania for that awsome leason you gave us.

  17. Amal Mohaldaw says:

    This very hard

  18. Renuka Arun says:

    loved it thanks a ton

  19. Khadidja Chaghi says:

    das Brot
    die marmelade
    der buch ?

  20. Abdulrehman Abdelhameed says:

    I hate the German articles
    There annoying

  21. Leandro Herculano says:

    Wow , I am so confused now ,but your videos is awesome though

  22. Dalia Sammo says:

    sie können sehr gut deutsch sprechen???

  23. Stefany Blount says:

    This is so great! Thank you.

  24. Hans1994yout says:

    Dont think this is that hard. Been studying Japanese for a while and when you learn a new word, you have to learn a new character associated with it. Cases are another story.

  25. Δημήτρης Χολογούνης says:

    Ist das richtig Wort der Vietel oder das Vietel? Ich spreche fur Uhrzeit. Fur Pons ist das Viertel <-s, -> [ˈfɪrtəl] SUBST nt. Fur Familie Grammi ist der Veitel.

  26. Sana. cool says:

    das kann ich schon !

  27. Henry Zhang Kosciuszko Bubna says:

    German Geography: Germany compose of sixteen states.

  28. cool fans coolest boy boy says:


  29. Rage Gamer says:

    I had enough trouble getting used to masculine and feminine when learning Spanish. German is just killing me.

  30. Diana Galloway says:

    So glad I discovered your videos, they are well explained and fun, thank you

  31. Optyck Andrei says:

    Das ist gut mann !

  32. Metin Can Tepe says:

    When you put die, it sounds like French.

  33. Aronne Gorbechov (AaronRobert9) says:

    In italian there are only two genders but there are 7 articles.

  34. Benjamin Schiltz Vlogs says:

    Did you write this too because it's almost exactly what you said in the video.

  35. German Garcia says:

    Nice video! Have you learned Spanish? :)

  36. Daniel Andrusiak says:

    Thank you so much for these videos Dominik, these are helping me so much with my German! I feel like I am hitting my head against a brick wall sometimes with Die/Der/Das and knowing which one to use, but this has given me quite a bit of clarity and a way of being able to navigate. Also, Dankeschön für Ihrem helfen! Ich hoffe, dass mein Deutsch ist nicht zu schlecht! I look forward to visiting your country in October!

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