Google Translate Article Generator Python

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Code for tutorials can be found at my github repository. Even more code is available for free here as well.

Use google translate to paraphrase articles

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  1. Goforit2006 says:

    hey chris! i run according to the code you put on GitHub but get the following error with precisely the code you used:  

    raise IOError, "unsupported XML-RPC protocol"

    the module works fine (it comes with my python 2.7) and all else seems to be in order- any idea what might be causing this please?

  2. Sebastian Wade says:

    I mean, these are amazing videos, but google translation is not smart 

  3. chris reeves says:

    The google translate tutorials were just posted. They are very lengthy because I was not able to parse the response from google easily with python.

    Right now I scrape news articles from Google News, but you can do the same thing with google search if you wish.

    I will show a tutorial of each function in ADB News in depth, which will also include the frequency analysis tutorial.

  4. Raghav Shaligram says:

    Thanks. These are amazing videos. Can you let me know if we can do a keyword search and pick up articles through world wide web and not some particular websites. Also you mentioned in first tutorial about paraphrasing algorithm which was somehow not covered in either of the videos

  5. planforfuturea says:

    I don't feel very confident with g translator either.
    maybe got to try&find out, improve if needed.

  6. chris reeves says:

    I really doubt google did that. The way they check for duplicate and scraped content is word for word copies. Other ways of checking are way too CPU intensive.

  7. chris reeves says:

    What does that say?

  8. Sebastian Wade says:

    视频讲解很清晰,只是GoogleTranslate很差劲阿 : )

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